Are You Getting Sick Of Seeing The Crash Report?

I have to agree with the folks over at about how annoying it is to see the crash report right after you have some unknown force close the application you have been working on. In their article they tell us how to use the terminal to turn off this very annoying problem.

I hate it when an application crashes, it is far and beyond annoying; the only thing that pisses me off more is the popup that shows up after it crashes asking if I want to send all of my personal information to Apple… Of course I do NOT! So why bother with these pesky solicitations of privacy [...]

Use Spaces in ‘at a glance’ mode

When using the Spaces hot key (F8), if you hold the key, Spaces will appear, then disappear when you release F8. This great when you just want to get a bird's eye view of stuff -- press and hold, view, release and Spaces vanishes. And, this works as expected with the Spaces plus Exposé tip (Show all windows). Press F9 while holding F8, and you'll see the All Windows view.

Also, another tip for those with notebook keyboards (or others?). On mine, F7 has a tiny icon of two screens. This makes an excellent 'icon' for Spaces, so I've re-assigned Spaces to that key.

Via Mac OSX Hints

Use Quartz Composer files in iChat/Photo Booth

Quartz Composer files can be used as backdrops in iChat and Photo Booth. This means some screen savers can be used as backdrops!

In the Finder, use the Spotlight search box to find files ending with .qtz. Then in either iChat or Photo Booth, open the Video Effects section, navigate to the User Backdrops section, then simply drag a .qtz file into one of the unused backdrops. Finally, click the backdrop you just added to see the effect!

Speed Up Your Airport Connection

Have you ever wanted your Mac to just hurry up and connect via the Airport? All you need to do is tell your computer in what order it should look for an active connection. It is a real simple fix just open up the Network Pane in System Preferences and select the airport tab. You need to click on the "gear" near the bottom of the pain and select "Set Service Order" then move the airport or others around until you have the order you want and click OK.

Add A Recent Applications Stack to Your Dock

To add a Recent Applications item to your Dock open and paste

defaults write persistent-others -array-add '{ "tile-data" = { "list-type" = 1; }; "tile-type" = "recents-tile"; }' killall Dock

If you right click on this new Stack then you will notice it can be several different types of stacks. It can be Recent Applications, Recent Documents, Recent Servers, Favorite Volumes, and Favorite Items. If you want to have more than one of these on your doc just run the code above over and it will add a new one to the Dock.

For more info look over here.

What is a PPC?

Have you ever been around a bunch of Mac heads and one of them said a term you had no clue what it meant? Have you seen a description on a web site and seen a Mac related term you wanted more info about? Well with the new Leopard dictionary you can look up all of the Mac terms you want and get the definition right there.

Use Some Standard Stacks Icons

Over at XD they have a short walk through to make some standard icons for your stacks.

There was a termainal hack that let you do this but someone went ahead and took care of it for you. All you need to do is download the icons and then drag them into the folder you want them to show on the to of the stack. Example just drag the Downloads icon to the downloads folder on the doc and it will show the icon.

The only thing you need to do is right click on the stack and make sure that you are sorting by date modified.