Has Anyone Ever Asked You To Resend an E-mail

If anyone has ever asked you to resend an e-mail for any reason her is how you can avoid having to retype the entire message.

Once you have opened Mail.app go to the sent items and select the e-mail you want to resend. Don't open the message just select it. Now head up to the Message tab on the menu bar and select Send Again or if you are a big Keyboard Shortcut user hit "Shift + Command + D". A new window will pop up and your original message will be there just like it was just before you hit send. As a matter of good practice you should check to make sure the e-mail address is correct [...]

Find Out The Total Size of More than One File

Most people know that if you right click and select "Get Info" or "Command + I" on a file in Finder you will get all kinds of information about the file. But, did you know that if you select a few files and "Option + Command + 1" "Option + Command + I"(Thanks Dave M for the pick up)on that it will show you the total size of the files you have selected.

Open Toolbar Searches In A New Window Or Tab

I like to do my Google searches in the toolbar from either Firefox or Safari. I also like to have the searches open in a new window or tab in the browser that I am using.
To open new the new search from Safari's toolbar search all you need to do is type in your search terms and instead of hitting enter hit command + enter.
In Firefox the process is much the same, type in your search terms in the toolbar and then hit option + return to open a new window or tab.

Apple Keyboard Symbols

This may seem like a simple or even obvious post. But, I have friends who have recently switched to the Mac and they don’t always know what the icons represent in the menus for keyboard shortcuts. I did some searching and couldn’t really find anybody explaining what the icons represent. I thought that was a bit odd so I wanted to get something out there for those few Mac newbies (or maybe even the veterans that still don’t know).

The icons I’m talking about look like this: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut Icons

Now, I’ll explain each quickly:


Toggle Display Mode On Newer Mac Laptop Keyboards

From MacOSXhints.com

The new keyboard found on MacBooks and MacBook Pros now contain Dashboard, Exposé, and media controls on the function keys, but removed the toggle between mirror mode and extended desktop mode. On the prior keyboards, the toggle display mode function was located on the F7 key.

On the new keyboards, you toggle display modes by pressing Command-F1. This only seems to work from the built-in laptop keyboard.

Quicker Force Quit

If you have ever had an Application lock up on you in OS X and had to force quit it you know that normally you would go to the apple in the upper right and select the force quit menu. Here is away to speed up the process. If you hold down the shift key after you hit the apple the option to force quit the active Application will appear and you can force quit from there. You can also right (secondary) click on the Application on the doc and then hold down the alt/option key and this will allow you to quit the application you right clicked on.

Keep Your Internet Receipts Organized

If you are anything like me and my family, you buy all kinds of things online. I use Amazon and eBay as much as I can to save a few bucks. The biggest problem for me is what to do with the receipts? Last month at out Mac User Group meeting we were talking about the "Print Options Menu" and there it was a "Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder" option, it was sitting right under the .pdf options button on the bottom right. The first thing that I thought was well where is this mysterious "Web Receipts Folder"? It sits in your Documents folder. It is not there by default unless you have used it [...]

Mac OSX Hints Has Released Its Leopard Hints Winners

Here are the winners of the Leopard contest.

iPod Shuffle winners:

4GB iPod nano winners: