Use QuickTime X from the Keyboard

If you have made the move to Snow Leopard then you are using the new QuickTime X. There are a few keyboard shortcut that can help you while using the new application.

Use The J,K, & L keys to skim the video

Use the Right Arrow to move one frame forward at a time.
Use the Left Arrow to move one frame backward at a time.

Use Option-Right Arrow to Jump to end of movie.
Use Option-Left Arrow to Jump to beginning of movie.

And don't forget you can always use the space bar to play & pause the file.

Quick Way To Send Your e-mail

If you are a user who is trying to use the keyboard as much as you can and keep my hands off the mouse then you may want to learn the keyboard short cut to send a message. After yo have typed you message and it is rea to go simply press the Command+shift+D keys and off the message will go.

If you have any other short cuts that may help new users please share them in the comments below!

Quickly Print Files Without Opening Them

Okay so thats a bit of a lie. With these 2 methods the program will open, print the item, and then close the file.  

The first way is to select Print in the Finder s File menu.  This only works if you have the file selected in the Finder window. For example I have a Numbers document named Bills in my documents folder. If I wanted to print that, with this meted, I would open a Finder window navigate to the file and select it. Go to the Finder File menu and select Print. This will open numbers, print the document, and close the file. It does not close the application though. This [...]

Create easy screen-sharing shortcuts

Over at, Rob Griffiths, has put together a nice tutorial on how to set up some shortcuts to get to your shared screens on other Macs on the network.


From the article
"You can create a shortcut to any screen sharing with any machine on your network by using your Web browser, and a special URL. The URL takes the form of vnc://address.of.machine, and address.of.machine can be either a raw IP address (i.e. or that Mac’s Bonjour name, which is typically whatever you named the machine, followed by .local. I prefer to use the IP address, though, because that [...]

Quick Look files in Open and Save dialogs

After reading this post from Mac OSX Hints, I have compiled a quick how to use Quicklook to view files in the "Open" an "Save" dialog windows. 

You will first need to get the Quick Viewer and Quick Look Droplet from Once you download these files drag the Quicklook Droplet to the Dock. Then next time you need to see a file in an "Open" or "Save" dialog just drag the file icon over the Quicklook Droplet on the dock.

Quick Tip: Use Keyboard to Move from Tab to Tab in Safari

If you are a keyboard junkie as I am striving to become then you really need to know how to move from tab to tab in Safari. All you need to do is use the Command + Shift keys and then add the left or right arrow to move from left to right. 


NOTE: This is not the same as Firefox, in Firefox you can only use the Keyboard for the first 9 tabs.  You need to use Command + 1-9 for the tab you want to open. Example if the tab you want is 5th in line then use Command +5. 

I like using Safari better for this reason alone.

Locate Spotlight Files

Spotlight in Leopard is great for finding files but once you found it how do you know where it lives on your hard disk. All you need to do is move the mouse cursor over the result in the Spotlight results and a window will pop-up will and display the path to the file you selected. If you would like to have Finder open the location for you then just hold down Command + Shift and click on the Spotlight search results and a new Finder window will open right up and show you the folder the file is in. 

10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Help Speed Through Mail

Get New Mail: Cmd-Shift-N

If you're waiting for a message, this can be really handy. Cmd-Tab to Mail, hit Cmd-Shift-N, then Cmd-Tab back to your previous app.

Reply: Cmd-R and Forward: Cmd-Shift-F

These pretty much go together. Cmd-R will reply to your message and Cmd-Shift-F will forward your message. Always handy if you have a lot of messages to reply to.

Mark as Junk Mail: Cmd-Shift-J

No matter how hard you try, you will probably never be completely free of Junk mail. However, if you mark a junk message as such, then Mail will eventually learn what you want and what you don't want.


Hide All Windows Execpt The One You Want To Work On

If you are the type of user who opens lots of windows in one space and they start stacking on top of each other (like the picture below)then this tip is for you.

There are a few ways you can get to any of the open windows. You could just start scrolling through them like we showed you about in this article (Switch Between All Open Windows), or you could use expose. For me the best way to start working in the window I want is to use the Option + Command and click right on the window I want to work in. The major benefit to this method is the it will drop all other windows to the back [...]

Switch Between All Open Windows

Over at The Mac Tipper Blog they have posted a great tip for using your keyboard to cycle through all of the open windows. The short cut is called "Move focus to the active window or next window" in the Keyboard Shortcuts area of the Keyboard & Mouse System Preference Pane. According to the post the default is "Control + F4" but, if you are like me and on a macbook and just hit the "Control +F4" all it does is change the volume (some newer Macbook keyboards are different). For the default to work for me I also have to hit the "FN" key and to hit all of those keys its not a comfortable [...]