Make External Display the Primary Monitor

When  you connect the external monitor to an Apple Macbook, the external monitor will display as secondary monitor.

In order to make the external monitor the primary one, go to System Preferences -> Displays.

Select Arrangement. You will see two rectangles - each representing a monitor (internal & external).

You will also notice there is a small white bar at the top of the smaller rectangle. Drag the bar to the bigger rectangle (indicating that you want to make the external monitor the primary one).

Make Stacks in OS X Tiger

After watching the keynote last night, I really only saw one feature that i really have to have from the new Mac OS. It is Stacks. I began investigating how i could make this work on my Mac running OS 10.4. I saw a tip on Lifehacker that got me started. (Lifehacker article) They explained how to put a folder on the doc and if you click and hold the folder you will get a list. I know, I know its not a live view of the item but it is a way to open the item in much less time. Mr. Jobs said that he was going to have on of these stacks done for us out of the box in the download folder. I love [...]