Use MobileMe Push Email With Any Email Address

I have been searching for a way to make my google hosted e-mail to “push” via MobileME. I found this tip on Mac OSX Hints Page.

You can set up MobileMe to use any email address as a ‘push’ email on the iPhone. The first thing you need to do is set your non-MobileMe (.Mac) email address for auto-forward to your MobileMe (.Mac) account. When you create the email account, make sure you set it up as Other (not as a .Mac or MobileMe account.) Then select IMAP as the type of account. Enter the name and auto-forwarded email address. (This is the email address that will show as the [...]

Make Your iPhone an iPod Touch

If you are planning on upgrading from an iPhone 1.0 to the new iPhone 3G and have no clue what to do with your old iPhone AT&T has offered this tidbit that may help you to decide.

From Appleinsider

A spokesperson for the carrier confirmed to AppleInsider that neither AT&T nor Apple will prevent de-activated first-generation iPhones for serving as surrogate iPod touches."If the [original] device is not re-activated as a wireless phone after you’ve upgraded to iPhone 3G, it will still work as an iTunes player and can access Wi-Fi," the spokesperson said.That means old iPhones can [...]

Reset iPhones Cell Connection

A week or 2 ago I went to the At&t Store in Greenville to complain about the lousy coverage I have gotten on my iPhone and my wife's blackberry. The AT&T rep stated that I should be resetting the phone at least once a week if not every day. I asked why and she went into the dissertation she received via e-mail a few month ago and I lost interest very quickly. The gist of it was so the phone will get the most up to date information and make sure that the phone is using the right tower for its signal. So I agreed and reset my iPhone on the spot. I really did not expect it to make any [...]

New Google Reader for iPhone

Last night I was going through my feeds and came across this post from Google.

Google has introduced a new RSS Reader for the iPhone and In the normal Google fashion, it is a Beta. To use it all you will need to do is open mobile Safari on your iPhone or if you want to see what it might look like on your computer before you try it on the iPhone use this tip to do so. (Want To See What an iPhone Only Website Looks Like without an iPhone)

The new reader makes mobile RSS reading even better by showing you the titles in a list view, and instead of opening a new link when you click [...]

Want To See What an iPhone Only Website Looks Like without an iPhone

Have you ever wanted to see what one of the iPhone only websites look like? With Safari you can. First, you will need to use Safari in the Developer mode. (WAIT ITS REALLY EASY I PROMISE DON'T LET THE DEVELOPER MODE SCARE YOU) To use the developer mode in safari all you have to do is open the Preferences menu in Safari and click on the Advanced tab. (more…)

Find Out The Total Size of More than One File

Most people know that if you right click and select "Get Info" or "Command + I" on a file in Finder you will get all kinds of information about the file. But, did you know that if you select a few files and "Option + Command + 1" "Option + Command + I"(Thanks Dave M for the pick up)on that it will show you the total size of the files you have selected.

Naked iPhone Case

This case is one of the best I have seen for the iPhone. My biggest complaint with almost all of the cases that are out there for the iPhone are to bulky and they don't protect the most important thing the face. Well Case Mate has come to the rescue with this kick @$$ case. The case is totally clear and surounds the entire iPhone in plastic. The plastic piece that covers the screen allows your touch to go right through. The video below describes how it works real well. I have ordered mine and the company says it will take a bit to get me the case because they are overwhelmed with orders.


Create Easy ‘Tracking’ Apps For iPhone Via Google Docs

I have found another great tip for you iPhone users over at Mac OSX Hints. The author tells us how we can create small web apps tracing times such as a gas mileage log or as one commenter stated a Blood Glucose Reading chart.

Since I've had my iPhone, I've found a few things that I wish I could do with it. I wished that I had a fuel-economy tracker app for my car, an expense tracker for work-expenses and others. I knew I could've set-up a custom web-page backed with a database, but it just seemed that there should be an easier way.
It seems Google thought so too, as they've just released [...]

Sync iPhone Contacts And Calendars Without iTunes

I found this great tip over at Mac OSX Hints for iphone users.

I have a laptop and use an external hard drive for my iTunes library. This system works well for me, except sometimes I found myself frustrated that I couldn't update my contacts and calendars on my iPhone while I was on the go. When I'm away from the external hard drive, iTunes complains.
I recently discovered that if my iPhone is charging over USB, using the Sync system menu (chasing arrows in the upper right corner of the screen) on 10.5 syncs my iPhone to iCal and Address Book. This is great! Now I don't have to launch [...]