ZiggySoft Releases iWeb Valet 2.0 – Enhance and Upload iWeb Pages

ZiggySoft software today announces the release 2.0 of iWeb Valet, the tool to enhance and upload iWeb pages. As in Apple's iWeb 09, also iWeb Valet give you the power to add new interactive widgets to your web pages. Use iWeb Valet to enhance in many ways your iWeb sites, and finally have your website uploaded to the web. iWeb Valet now includes a selection of scripts that are compatible to iWeb and a powerful function to easily add them to your iWeb pages.

Jumsoft extends Apple Mail Stationery Pack

Jumsoft has just released Stationery Pack for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Mail. With 50 new high-quality and exceptional design options for every occasion, the extended Stationery Pack also includes 50 themes from the previous version. Categorized stationery themes will save you time when looking for particular event. The Stationery comes with a installer, and conveniently displayed in Apple Mail New Message stationery menu.

Obvious Matter releases DiskLibrary 1.8.1

DiskLibrary is a fun and easy to use media cataloging application for Mac OS X . DiskLibrary is indispensable if you have a lot of media to keep track of. DiskLibrary catalogs not just your complete file structure, it also creates thumbnails, and stores metadata, for most popular media formats. DiskLibrary is capable of importing export formats from CDFinder, FileFinder, WhereIsIt, DiskCatalogMaker X and DiskTracker.

Software Tracking Site iusethis Adds Support for iPhone Apps

The popular software tracking website, iusethis, has expanded its reach to iPhone users today. Members can now submit, browse and vote up iPhone applications. Due to its use of modern technology, iusethis is in a position where it can quickly develop new features, and is the first major software directory to support Apple iPhone. A democratic web application like iusethis gives a better overview of popular applications, as well as a better opportunity to see trends.

Mac Mini: Now Able to do Dual Screen

After the folks at Kensington have released the new Mac and PC compatible Dual Monitor Adapter you can use the usb port to connect a second monitor. I have a 2 monitor setup when ever I am in my office and love it. It makes it very easy to keep some things open and not take up space where I am working.

This product will also help out laptop owners who want to have a dual monitor setup and make the one on the laptop not in the pair.

The Dual Monitor Adapter is a bit high in my opinion at 119.00 but I feel sure it will come down as I gains popularity.