NOVUS More Space LiftTec Arm Review

For about a year I have been doing some freelance work for a local company specia

lizing in custom workspaces. Recently, they became the U.S distributor of a line of products made by a German company, NOVUS. The MoreSpace line of products are highly durable workspace accessories designed to maximize efficiency (They look pretty cool too).

The line of products range from pencil holders to flexible multi-monitor lift arms. I was asked to take home a higher end single monitor arm named, LiftTec Arm III (15-35lbs). Seeing as I am geek about office products, I jumped at the chance. I was [...]

Use the Find command in Safari with out typing the CMD+F First

I am a firm believer in using Safari on my mac. When I had my windows computer I used Firefox and there is one thing I really miss.   The feature is hard to describe in text but here is my best attempt. In Firefox when you are on a webpage and you are looking for a word or sentence  you just start typing and the ""Find" bar comes up and you can see the results as you type in more info. By default in Safari you have to type the keyboard shortcut "Command+F" or go to the "Edit" menu and scroll down to the find item and then you get the Find bar at the top of the screen. It seems by the time [...]

I Forgot My Admin Password – How Do I Reset It.

This morning I got and e-mail from the site.  Doug has forgotten his Admin password for his make ( or it was changed by mistake) and he needed help figuring out how to reset it. Bellow are the instructions for Snow Leopard. If you need the instructions for a different version then scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to the apple support articles on this subject.

This is a 2 step process because your user password and your keychain password will both have to be reset. The first step is to reset the user password from your OS boot disk. (more…)

Cocktail 4.3.2 (Leopard Edition) has been released

Maintain has announced the release of Cocktail 4.3.2 (Leopard Edition). This version adds clearing of the Inqtana.B worm, fixes an issue with secure deletion of files installed by trojans and worms, addresses an issue in which Adobe Illustrator font caches were not deleted from users home directory, fixes compatibility issues with Safari 4 Public Beta and adds compatibility with the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.7.

Elixir introduces Espresso – New RapidWeaver Theme

Elixir is happy to announce Espresso theme for RapidWeaver. Espresso is a really flexible theme with a stylish appearance that allows you to showcase your content. Espresso allows you to modify a lot of different areas of your site design through the Page Inspector. Espresso also makes heavy use of the RapidWeaver color picker. With it you can change the colors for all of the following areas of your site design.

Pocket Informant for iPhone brings GTD and Calendar together on iPhone

Texas-based Mobile market leader, WebIS Inc. today announced its incredibly popular PIM, Pocket Informant, for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for purchase for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pocket Informant is the #6 best selling overall application for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. Version 1.0 offers Agenda, Week, Month, and Day views for the calendar, a Today view, a Tasks view with full GTD capability, Context, Projects, Next Action, Inbox, Search, and more.

The Dream Apps releases Involer 1.2 for Mac OS X – Adds New Features

The Dream Apps has announced Involer 1.2 an update to their simple invoicing application for Mac OS X. Involer allows users to create, print, export and track the status of their invoices within a single, easy to use interface. With Involer, you can be up and running with your company in just a few seconds, and sending invoices in minutes. Version 1.2 includes many bug fixes and new features and is a recommended free update for all users.

MEI releases Page Director Ad Layout System 5.4 – Page-Planning Solution

Managing Editor Inc. today announced the release of Page Director Ad Layout System 5.4. Used at more publications worldwide than any other automated page-planning solution, ALS has been optimized for compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 4. QuarkXPress 8.0 compatibility will be available in the coming weeks. ALS 5.4 includes a convenient new print designer, which allows users to design and print custom ad dummies, resulting in printouts that conform to each publication's specific requirements. announces MailSteward 8.1.1 – Email Archiving Solution today announces the release of MailSteward, MailSteward Lite, and MailSteward Pro, version 8.1.1. This version adds the ability to search for only email that has been tagged, or only email that has not been tagged. New video tutorials, produced by Screencasts Online, have been added to the MailSteward web site. MailSteward archives email in a relational database for easy access and safe backup of all your email, and the ultimate email archiving solution for the Mac.