Quick Tip – Send Again

Suppose you sent a message to a bunch of people and you realize you forgot someoneor someone tells you they did not get the message. Instead of opening the message in your Sent mailbox, copying its contents, and pasting it into a new message, just select the message, choose Message from the menu bar  -> Send Again (Command-Shift-D), and replace the existing recipients with the new one(s), or the person who did not get the message. The subject and message contents remain the same as before (although you can edit them if you like).

Do you have other Mail tips you would like to share?

Create Custom Pages Templates

If you ever need to create a template for a document in Apples Pages, here is how to make a custom one in 4 easy steps.

  1. Open up pages and select the blank document option from the template chooser, now click the choose button in the bottom right of the window. This will load a blank document.
  2. Go crazy, you can use all of your creative talent to make your template, remember to add enough text and photo boxes. You should also pick the fonts you want to use in each box.
  3. When you are happy with your template go to the top menu and click file ->Save as Template. A Finder window will [...]

Saving e-mail threads in Mail.app

To save an entire e-mail exchange from Mail.app to a text file, select the messages you want to save. Then select File: Save As..., and save the messages as plain text or rich text wherever you want. That file will have all the selected messages ordered by date.

If you'd rather have save the messages as a PDF file, choose File: Print..., open the PDF drop-down menu and choose Save as PDF. This will save each message as a separate PDF. (You'll probably want to create a temporary folder to hold them first.) Once Mail is done saving all those PDFs, open the first one in Preview, open the [...]

Use Quick Look in Mail.app from the keyboard

For longer than I care to admit I have been using my mouse, or track pad, to Quicklook Mail.app attachments. Well that stops today. If you have an e-mail with an attachment and want to Quicklook the item don't reach for the mouse, instead type the Command + Y key. This will Quicklook the attachment just like hitting the space bar does in finder. I hope apple looks at this and changes the Mail.app Quicklook  in Snow leopard but for now this will help keep my fingers on the keyboard and off the mouse.

Organize Your Pages ’09 Templates

From MacOSXHints...

This is a pretty simple hint, but if you're like me, and have a number of templates that you've created in Pages, you probably wish they were organized in the Template Chooser, rather than being all displayed together in the My Templates section.

You can create your own sub-grouping under My Templates by navigating to your user's Library » Application Support » iWork » Pages » Templates folder. Here you will see one folder (My Templates) which contains any templates that you've already created. You can create new folders at this level, adjacent to My Templates [...]

Create a Simple Contact Sheet Using Quick Look

To  create a quick and dirty "contact sheet" of images using Quick Look, three simple keyboard shortcuts, and one mouse-click to use:

  1. Open the folder containing the set of image files.
  2. Press Command-A,
  3. Command-Option-Y
  4. Click the Index Sheet button
  5. Then use the shortcut to create a screenshoot, Command-Shift-3.

Know any more good quicklook shortcuts? Put them in the comments and we will feature then here on New Mac User

Manually Add Websites To Safari 4 Beta’s Top Sites Page

There isn't an obvious way to add sites to Safari 4 Beta's new Top Sites page, but this is a Mac after all, so it occurred to me that drag and drop might work, and it does:

  1. Open the top sites window.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Open the web site you'd like to add to Top Sites in another window.
  4. Drag the want-to-add site's site icon (it appears to the left of the URL) from the URL address bar into the Top Sites window. You can position the site while you're dragging it, too.
  5. Drop the site when it's in the position where you'd like it to stay -- the site will be pinned to this position [...]

Quickly Print Files Without Opening Them

Okay so thats a bit of a lie. With these 2 methods the program will open, print the item, and then close the file.  

The first way is to select Print in the Finder s File menu.  This only works if you have the file selected in the Finder window. For example I have a Numbers document named Bills in my documents folder. If I wanted to print that, with this meted, I would open a Finder window navigate to the file and select it. Go to the Finder File menu and select Print. This will open numbers, print the document, and close the file. It does not close the application though. This [...]

Add a Bookmark To The Downloads Folder

After downloading something, I usually want to go to my downloads folder. I've discovered recently that you can put folders into your Safari bookmarks bar. This means that instead of having to click on my downloads folder in the dock, I can simply hit a Keyboard Shortcut and it will open up the Downloads folder in Finder. 

Step 1: In Finder, locate the folder you want to be able to open up from the bookmarks bar.

Step 2: Open up Safari and make sure the bookmarks bar is visible. (Cmd-Shift-B)

Step 3: Drag the folder from Finder into the bookmarks bar. 

Step 4: To access the [...]

Baseline 1.4 adds support for scanning Time Machine backup volumes

MildMannered Industries today announced Baseline 1.4, an update to their highly rated disk usage utility for Mac OS X. Baseline features include directory, browser and graphical treemap views, QuickLook support, duplicate file detection, and comparison against previous scans. Version 1.4 adds support for hard links, allowing Time Machine backups to be scanned efficiently.