Do You Speak Portuguese

Do you need more room on your hard drive?
Do you need to have every language under the sun saved on your mac?

Well i do need more room and don't want to know have any other language, other than English, on my mac.

There is an application that is open source and free that can help you to get this done. Its called Monolingual. It will give you a GUI that helps you removing the languages that you don't need. When you download and run the program (there is no need to install) it will select the most unused for you, I went ahead and removed some more that i would not need. When i ran it for [...]

Get Your Hands Off That Mouse

The trick to being a fast and productive on a Mac is the keyboard short cuts. This is something worth checking out, go to the Systems Preferences pane in the apple menu. Select the keyboard and mouse area, them to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. You will find a list of the shortcuts available to you. You should look this list over. Below I have given a short list of shortcuts proven to help keep your hands off the keyboard.


Keep your Data Backed up!!

While reading some of the bloggs today i cam across this tip for you. Use your Web hosting companys hard drive as an off-site backup stroage center.

I have a few other ideas about this but will post them seperatly.

Today on they did a reviw of some very good (and some free) back up utilites. This is very worthy of a look.

Lifehacker Post

Killer iLifezone Podcast for Switchers

The last 2 episodes of the iLifezone Podcast are geared just for switchers. They went out of their way to give us a lot of good tips and tricks. They really tried to put it in the context of a Windows user coming to the Mac. Below is the show notes from the podcasts taken straight from the iLifezone web site. To Subscribe to the Rss feed of the iLifezone please head toei website and use the link. The Podcast is available at Their site as well.

Show 28

It's all about switchers. Today we honor the brave souls who shunned the evil Redmonopoly and saw the bright white light of Apple. We [...]