11 Mystics Looks At Adding Mail.app Starionary To Match iWeb Themes

Our friends over at 11 Mystics.com have announced that they are looking into adding Mail.app Stationary to match the really nice iWeb themes that they sell. There was no announcement of price or release. If you ask me this is a really cool way to make sure that an e-mails you send out keep a constant look of your web site. Take a look at the full post here.

Color labels in Mail

This really nice tip came from the folks over at A New Mac Tip Every Day."A feature that has been in the Finder since a long time is the color labels.... It can be set up so that Mail will add a color label according to the sender or the recipient's email address.... To set up the rule: Go to "Mail" and choose "Preferences".Click on the "Rules" tab.Click "Add rule".Set the condition according to what you want.

Address Book integration in Mail!

One of the things that is much less integrated in Mail compared to Outlook is the Address Book. Outlook combines all the calendar, addresses and mail in one application. When you compare the whole experience of Mail to iLife, the integration is not really good. What you can do to improve it though is to add a "Add Address" button in Mail's toolbar. You'll then only have to click on the email that is from the sender you want to add the email address to your address book and click "Add Address". What is unfortunate is that you won't really get confirmation that it's actually done. You really [...]

New Mail Notification in the Menu Bar!

New Mail Notification in the Menu Bar!: "This is a pretty cool add-on that will add Mail's main features in your menu bar. It is called ManilaMail. You can also very quickly see when there is new mail (very useful if your dock is hidden and you cannot see the Mail icon). It also gives you a quick access to retrieve new mail, to go to your inbox or to compose a new email. The app is great because of how simple it is. It doesn't add"

(Via A New Mac Tip Every Day.)