Template Maker

Just the other day I got a question from Anthony about making a Template in Here is his questions "Do you know how to create a template in Pages for paper that has a pre-printed header? The header extends 3" from the top of the page. I would like to be able to prepare documents that will always have the 3" space at the top on every page as I am working through the document."-Anthony

Anthony it is real easy to do. Open a blank document and set it up the way that you want the layout ect... When the current document is set up then open the file menu and click on "Save as Template"

E-mailing Pages Documents To Windows Users

I received an e-mail form Kathryn asking why people were not able to open attachments to her e-mails. After I asked her  A bit more about what was going on, I concluded she was sending .pages documents to people who were either on mac without pages or worse on a windows computer(poor people). What Isuggested to here was to either save the Pages file as a .pdf or save a Word Document Copy.

If you are not sure how to save as a .doc file then this is for you. It is really simple. Open the save dialog (Command + S). If your save box does not look like the one below then all you need to do is [...]

Create Custom Pages Templates

If you ever need to create a template for a document in Apples Pages, here is how to make a custom one in 4 easy steps.

  1. Open up pages and select the blank document option from the template chooser, now click the choose button in the bottom right of the window. This will load a blank document.
  2. Go crazy, you can use all of your creative talent to make your template, remember to add enough text and photo boxes. You should also pick the fonts you want to use in each box.
  3. When you are happy with your template go to the top menu and click file ->Save as Template. A Finder window will [...]

Organize Your Pages ’09 Templates

From MacOSXHints...

This is a pretty simple hint, but if you're like me, and have a number of templates that you've created in Pages, you probably wish they were organized in the Template Chooser, rather than being all displayed together in the My Templates section.

You can create your own sub-grouping under My Templates by navigating to your user's Library » Application Support » iWork » Pages » Templates folder. Here you will see one folder (My Templates) which contains any templates that you've already created. You can create new folders at this level, adjacent to My Templates [...]

Turn Off Hyperlinks in Pages

I have begun using Pages more and more lately to make some really nice documents. So far there has only been one thing that really ticks me off about pages. When I type in an e-mail address or a Website I automatically turns it into a hyperlink. (more…)

Create a four-page folded booklet in Pages

Start in Pages with four blank pages in the Page Layout section.

The first document page will be your cover, or front, and the second document page will be the back of the card. After these are finished to your satisfaction, you will need to flip the pictures and text boxes both vertically and horizontally. When the sheet is folded, they will be right side up with the top at the fold. Be sure you have the text below or above the picture where you want it. I found that I had to leave the page and come back to it before I could flip them. (In Word, flipping seems to be impossible unless you [...]

Zooming in or out when resizing the window in!

Over at A New Mac Tip Every Day they have got a real useful tip about pages.Being really used to Microsoft Word, the first thing that really annoyed me about Pages is that when you resize the window, it doesn't adjust the zoom accordingly. I just feel like there is absolutely no point in resizing a window to gain nothing, and that is what you get if you don't readjust the zoom afterwards.... I just like widening the window and that it automatically zooms in. It is possible in Pages, but it is not on by default.