iPresentee releases new Keynote Themes 2.0

iPresentee, the developer of add-ons for Apple's iWork and iLife applications, is proud to announce Keynote Themes 2.0 to be used with Apple's Keynote presentation software. iPresentee presents ten new astonishing Keynote themes: Autumn Colors, Starfish, Orange Bubble, Green Mile, Wallpaper, Time Graffiti, Brown Light, Eyesight, Built on Sand and Grey Line.

Add text placeholders to slide masters in Keynote ’08

You may have noticed that there's no intuitive way to add your own text placeholder to a master slide in Keynote '08. In other words, if you want to make a set of slides that has more than just a title and body you can either (1) add a text box on every page or (2) try to add a text placeholder to Keynote. The second option isn't so intuitive, but here's how to do it:

  1. Select View » Show Master Slides.
  2. Select the master slide you want to edit. Make a text box in a master slide and keep it selected.
  3. In the Inspector, go to the Slide Inspector (second from left), and select the [...]

Create Keynote slides from a series of images

In Keynote, make sure you’re in either Navigator or Light Table view (using the View menu); this trick won’t work in Outline or Slide Only view.Switch to the Finder, and select all the images you’d like to use to create your slides.... Keynote will then import your images—you may see a progress dialog, depending on the quantity and size of the selected images—and place each one into its own slide.By default, the images will be placed in front of any fields (title, subtitle, bullets) on the slides, so you’ll need to select each image and send it to the back to use the fields.... [...]

Adding a Web Site to A Key Note Presentation

The Folks over at "A New Mac Tip Every Day" have this killer tip for adding a web site to your keynote presentation and keeping the site up to date."This is a great tip submitted by Dominic P.... But that is long, you'll end up with an additional file on the desktop (it really adds up when you take a lot of screenshots) and the website in your Keynote presentation won't update automatically.... To do it, you simply have to drag the small icon that is on the left side of the url in your web browser to the Keynote presentation.

Create special characters easily in Keynote ’08

"I am a scientist, who often has to use Greek and astronomical symbols. Before, in Keynote, it was necessary to open Edit » Special Characters, find the character, and insert it. Blah. But while playing with the trial version of iWork '08, I found an additional small feature in the Preferences of Keynote 4: the Auto-Correction tab."