Remove old Time Machine Backups form Time Capsule

If you need to delete a Time Machine Backup .sparsebundle file from your TimeCapsule, use the following procedure:

  1. Right Click the .sparsebundle file you want to delete and select “Show package contents”
  2. You will see a folder named "bands" that contains all the backed up files. Please note that opening this folder to show its contents takes a VERY long time. The folder will look empty for some time while it loads ( min were 4+ min). You really need some patience to let the file list appear. But when following these steps, you won’t need to do this.
  3. Open and [...]

Baseline 1.4 adds support for scanning Time Machine backup volumes

MildMannered Industries today announced Baseline 1.4, an update to their highly rated disk usage utility for Mac OS X. Baseline features include directory, browser and graphical treemap views, QuickLook support, duplicate file detection, and comparison against previous scans. Version 1.4 adds support for hard links, allowing Time Machine backups to be scanned efficiently.

Use Time Machine To Create A Bootable Backup

In the event of a drive failure, Time Machine has the ability to create a bootable backup. It takes some preparation, however, which must be done before disaster strikes.

Using Disk Utility, create a partition on the drive you are using for Time Machine (see Disk Utility Help for instructions on how to do this without erasing your Time Machine backups). The new partition must be large enough to hold the contents of your computer's drive, plus 10 or 20Gb of elbow room. If your system weighs 85Gb, then the new partition should be 100Gb or so. Leave this partition blank, and go on with your [...]