Use Quick Look in from the keyboard

For longer than I care to admit I have been using my mouse, or track pad, to Quicklook attachments. Well that stops today. If you have an e-mail with an attachment and want to Quicklook the item don't reach for the mouse, instead type the Command + Y key. This will Quicklook the attachment just like hitting the space bar does in finder. I hope apple looks at this and changes the Quicklook  in Snow leopard but for now this will help keep my fingers on the keyboard and off the mouse.

Create a Simple Contact Sheet Using Quick Look

To  create a quick and dirty "contact sheet" of images using Quick Look, three simple keyboard shortcuts, and one mouse-click to use:

  1. Open the folder containing the set of image files.
  2. Press Command-A,
  3. Command-Option-Y
  4. Click the Index Sheet button
  5. Then use the shortcut to create a screenshoot, Command-Shift-3.

Know any more good quicklook shortcuts? Put them in the comments and we will feature then here on New Mac User

Make Illustrator Files Work with Quick Look

I use Illustrator all day everyday and wanted to make all the files I save out to be able to be viewed in the Best new Feature of Leopad, Quick Look". It is very easy to do all you need to do is download and unzip it to a convenient location. You then need to move it to the Quicklook folder in the Library. Mine was in the Main Drive / Library / Quicklook You may also find it in / Users / YOURUSERNAME / Library / QuickLook. It worked for me out of the box but it may require a restart to work well.