Use MobileMe (.Mac) To Host Multiple iWeb Sites

In order to have MobileMe ( host multiple domains you will need to have a basic understanding of how to use domain forwarding. I want to let everyone know upfront that this process may or may not be supported by apple, but it works very well.

For my example I will be using my domain registrar, your register may differ bit in the process but for the most part it will be the same.

For this walkthrough I am going to assume that you have not started anything. The first thing you will want to do is register your domains. As I have stated, I use If you want to [...]

Get .Mac for 69.99 From Amazon

Did you know that you can still get .Mac from for 69.99. By the time you receive it and sign in the new could be ready to roll out. If not you will be ready at the time of launch and not have to wait on Mobile Me to get shipped to you. You will also save 30.00 on the new service. If you get the new service let us know your address so we can send you a line.

Get .Mac from Amazon Here.

Use iWeb To Share Your Family Photos

If your family is spread out and the best way for you to share your pictures is on the web then this is for you. I love to share my pictures of my family online but don't like not having the control over them that I may have to give sites like flickr and others like it. In this post I am going to show you how to use iWeb to take total control over how you share your photos online.


iWeb with Godaddy Domain

If you have not done so already you will need to place your personal domain information into iWeb(this is done in iWebs File > Set Up Personal Domain).... Head to and log in.Click on my domain names.Click the link for your domain.Click on Total DNS Control and MX RecordsClick on the little pencil to the right of your “www” cname.Change “@” to “”Click OK.When you have finished this anyone who types they will get what you have hosted at you .Mac account.if you want to make it so your users can skip the www part and just type [...]

Use .Mac “Personal Domains” Without Using iWeb

You can use the dotMac personal domain service without having to actually use iWeb '08.... Once you've got as far as setting up your domain with your registrar, you can use any software you wish (RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Hand coding even) to create your own site.Simply navigate to your iDisk and make sure you place all your html files in the following folder: iDisk » Web » Sites.... I've made a simple 'hello world' HTML file and placed it in the Sites folder.

.Mac Worth the $99 now?

As many of you know I have been a long time .Mac hater. Well today may have just changed my mind. With all the new features that .Mac is now giving us,10 GB storage to start with, it may just be worth the $99.00 a year, 8.25 a month.

Publishing websites without .Mac!

As a follow up to the .Mac ical replacement we postedIi found this again at the A New Mac Tip Every Day Weblog. This one is not as easy but it is also a good way to beat the 79.99 of .Mac (if you buy it from This does not really replace what .Mac gives you in the way of the cool little buttons like the site counter and e-mail. But who really needs that? And is is also very easy to reproduce in code form. Also when I was digging around the internet, I found a really good solution to increase traffic on my website, and is to use services from local SEO companies and rd internet [...]

.Mac To Receive Substantial Upgrades Next Month

Steve Jobs hinted at substantial upgrades to Apple's existing .Mac online package during his 'All Things Digital Appearance' with Bill Gates. Leopard and iPhone integration might just be the beginning. I can tell you this much I will not renew my subscription unless they really make it worth the 99.95 a year. Oh by the way if you want to pay less for the same thing (either for the first time or to renew) you can go to Amazon. com and Pay 79.99 and they will pay for shipping.

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