Control iTunes From The Dock

Have you ever been using an application when a song came on in iTunes you would rather not hear? Or re-play the last song just one more time? I found a little trick the last time I right click on the iTunes icon in the doc. A complete menu pops up looking like the one below. You can use this to control iTunes in any way you need. It even tells about the current song playing.

How-to Email an iTunes Song


  1. Open (/Applications/
  2. Choose File –> New
  3. In the Starting Points menu, click Music and Audio. Choose “my iTunes Library” in the “Get content from” pop-up menu. Then in 2nd pop-up menu, choose “Ask for songs and playlists when my workflow runs”.
  4. In Library list, click Mail.
  5. In Actions list, drag the action called New Mail Mail Message into the Workflow pane. Click on the Options button and turn on “Show this action when the workflow runs.”
  6. Choose File –> Save

Give it a try and let us know if it works for [...]

Amazon Mp3 compared to iTunes. has put together a side by side comparison of using amazons new MP3 service and the experience you get when using iTunes. He did a really nice job of making sure he was bias as much as any mac lover could be. “I would liken buying tracks at Amazon MP3 to buying something at Wal-Mart.

iTunes 7.4 is Here

You can always turn on the Ringtone column in the Music Store (right-click on the column headers and check off Ringtone), but you won’t see any little bell icons for your auditory amusement.Ringtones aren’t the only new functionality in 7.4.... Smart money’s still on viewing in a separate window or in QuickTime, if you ask me, but some will appreciate it, no doubt.And for those Ratings fiends among you—and I know you exist—, iTunes 7.4 lets you not just rate individual tracks, but albums as well.... And this is kind of cool: if you’ve rated individual tracks on an album, it [...]

Looking up info about a song from iTunes on Google!

Looking up info about a song from iTunes on Google!: "A great tip submitted by Oscar Meijer: Looking up info about a song from iTunes on Google! If you are looking for information about a specific song, Googling the name along with the artist is usually the easiest method. It can be done right in iTunes by using a shortcut located in the Services menu. It is 'Search with Google'. What is really cool is that if you highlight a song, and press '"

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