Get Detailed iPhoto information on your photos

For our summer vacation my parents bought a new camera and we wanted to test it against 2 other cameras. So we headed to the beach with the 3 cameras and took the same shoots. Long story short I came back to the beach house and uploaded all the shots to iPhoto. I then wanted to see all the information about each shot so I knew which camera too the best shoots. I kept hitting "Command+I" but all I got was a gray window with a map. No camera data. Then I found out to get the detailed information,or  Extended Photo Info, you have to use the option key modifier. So to get to the detailed [...]

Axamblis Releases Imprint Studio 1.0

Axamblis proudly announces the release of Imprint Studio 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Imprint Studio is a tool that allows you to print posters using a standard format printer by splitting up an image into several smaller tiles, which can then be printed and assembled to form the final poster. Imprint Studio offers an easy-to-use interface and addresses hobby photographers as well as professionals of the metier.

Reset iPhones Cell Connection

A week or 2 ago I went to the At&t Store in Greenville to complain about the lousy coverage I have gotten on my iPhone and my wife's blackberry. The AT&T rep stated that I should be resetting the phone at least once a week if not every day. I asked why and she went into the dissertation she received via e-mail a few month ago and I lost interest very quickly. The gist of it was so the phone will get the most up to date information and make sure that the phone is using the right tower for its signal. So I agreed and reset my iPhone on the spot. I really did not expect it to make any [...]

Use iWeb To Share Your Family Photos

If your family is spread out and the best way for you to share your pictures is on the web then this is for you. I love to share my pictures of my family online but don't like not having the control over them that I may have to give sites like flickr and others like it. In this post I am going to show you how to use iWeb to take total control over how you share your photos online.


Apple puts iPhoto Books and Calendars On Sale

The nice folks over at have put their photo printing services on sale for the books and calendars. It is a very simple process per the page that they have devoted to the sale. The sale runs now through the end of February 2008. I must say they did a good job with the books. I have 2 of them and my wife is working on one now with our Christmas Pictures from just a few days ago.

The codes are:

For calendars, use code: NAWinterCal08

For photo books, use code: NAWinterBook08

Batch Rename Your Photos Right in iPhoto

I have been using iphoto and loving it for some time now. I have tagged and rated just about every picture i have taken thats worth keeping. My only problem is that i am still having a problem finding a single picture. The DSC#$@$%@#$% name is just getting in the way. If only there were a real easy way to rename my stuff so that the names would conform to a naming convention I could understand.

Well I can do it and it can be done easily right inside iPhoto. I know that there are dozens of ways to rename a file, like use automator. But why go through opening another program to do it?

The [...]

iPhoto to Face Book

Not many people know but i have decided to jump on the Social Network band wagon. I have selected because it just looks better than The main reason for me wanting to get on one of these sites is so I can post pictures of me and my family. I get real tired of e-mailing them to so many different people, so all I have to do is get Facebook up and tell my friends and family to look there. Well i came across this little application to help me put my iphoto pics up with very little work.