iCal please stop setting my appointments to all day

Lion's iCal changes default behavior of the new event creation in Month View and creates all day events by default. This is one of the most annoying bugs in Lion. But it is really not a bug. I learned today that if you type the name of your meeting and the start time; it will make the new event, set the time, and default the duration to 1 hour. For example, in month view, double click the date you want the appointment to be on. Then type "Meeting Information at 3p". (There is no need to use "at"  if you don't want to)

iCal will set the appointment on the date at 3pm lasting to [...]

Hide less-important alarmed reminder events in iCal

iCal's alarms come in handy for those of us who tend to forget the various little things we always need to do. However, you may find iCal getting cluttered with such regularly-scheduled events, pushing other events out of view. But there's a simple solution to this problem.

Go to File » New Calendar » On My Mac, and name the new calendar Reminders or something similar. Put all of your reminders in this calendar, and make sure they all have alarms. Then, simply click on the checkbox next to the Reminder calendar in the sidebar to hide the calendar. Alarms for the hidden calendar will [...]

Do you need to get rid of Duplicate iCal Items?

After testing out Plaxo and a few other iCal Syncing tools I have a few extra iCal events in my Calendar. I really did not want to sit and delete all the duplicates. I stumbled across this utility that takes care of it for me. John Maisey had written an apple script that looks through the ical and gets rid of the Duplicates. He has mad both a Leopard and a Tiger Version. Check out his site for the download.

Set iCal To Send You A Text Message For Your Reminder

This will really work well for someone who leaves your computer on all the time. Give this a try and tell us what you think.First you have to make sure that you text e-mail is in Address Book.... In the reminder field set it to e-mail and then select the mobile phone text address.Set the time before and then you are set. iCal will send you a text.WARNING: If you don't have a text plan with you wireless carrier then you will have to pay for text messages.

Unique ways to use URLs in iCal

In iCal, you can assign a URL to an event or to-do—just fill in the obviously-named URL field when creating your new event or to-do, and you’ll wind up with a link you can use to jump to that URL from within that event. But you can also create events or to-do’s that have a clickable link as their actual title.

Publishing your calendars without .Mac!

I was looking through the arcives at A New Mac Tip Every Day and Came Across this.

I have to admit that being able to share calendars between Macs was really one of the features that convinced me to get .Mac. .Mac is great, but it is pricey for what it offers especially if you are not interested in every features included in the package. There is a pretty cool website that offers the service of web published and shared calendars free. It is called iCal Exchange. To publish and share your calendars from iCal: