Search iPhone (2.0) contacts by first and last name

On the new iPhone software, you can search for a contact using the first and last name. For instance, if you want to search for a contact, say Bob Smith , you would type B S (that's B, then a space, then S) in the search field. The iPhone will filter out all the contacts with first and last name starting with B and S. You can further refine the search by typing more letters. This is a great time-saving feature; thanks, Apple! (more…)

Reader Question: How Do I Make A Distribution List in Mail?

I received a question from a reader today asking me how to set up a distribution list like he had on his Windows machine with Outlook. My response to his was this:

  1. Make sure that you have an Address card in Address Book for each of the people you want on the list.
  2. Create a New Group by selecting the "+" button under the Group area.
  3. Name the Group like you did in Outlook.
  4. From your Address Book entries Drag and Drop the names of the people you want in the Group to the group name.
  5. Now open up Mail and in the "TO:" Field type the name of the Group you created.
  6. Type your e-mail [...]

Keeping More Than One Address Book

Over the Christmas holidays my wife and I were preparing to send out our christmas cards and wanted to use my address book that was on my MacBook. I searched and searched for a way to make 2 different address books and in the end was not able to find a solution I wanted to use. So I tried it 2 different ways. T

1st Solution -
My wife wanted all the envelopes addressed to Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Doe. Why, I am not sure, but as I have learned it does me no good to argue with and English teacher over proper letter formatting. So I Began to add Mr. & Mrs. prefixes to each of [...]

One way to sync Address Book smart groups to iPods etc.

For all of you who use your iPods to get you address book contacts here is a way to get the smart groups on them.I got my iPod touch last week, and I realized that, even if it can sync my contacts and groups correctly from Address Book, it cannot sync smart groups.... Then use this script:tell application “Address Book” repeat with the_person in every person in group “SMyGroup” add the_person to group “SMyGroup” end repeat save addressbook quitend tellRepeat those steps for each smart group to be put into a standard group, and in the AppleScript, just add more repeat loops. [...]

Address Book integration in Mail!

One of the things that is much less integrated in Mail compared to Outlook is the Address Book. Outlook combines all the calendar, addresses and mail in one application. When you compare the whole experience of Mail to iLife, the integration is not really good. What you can do to improve it though is to add a "Add Address" button in Mail's toolbar. You'll then only have to click on the email that is from the sender you want to add the email address to your address book and click "Add Address". What is unfortunate is that you won't really get confirmation that it's actually done. You really [...]

12 Tips for Mac OS X Address Book

The Mac OS X Address Book has loads of features that are often overlooked by most users. Here are a few tips to save you time and let you make the most of Address Book. Includes how to share your contacts, search for attachments they sent you, merge duplicate entries, and automatically put contacts' sites in your Safari Bookmarks Bar.

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