Text Expander is 30% off on August 17th – via MacUpdate

MacUpdate is running a 30% of sale on TextExpander. If you do not own this application and you are using a mac then you are not getting all you can out of your mack. Click the link below right now and go download the application. If you need help or don't know why you need the application then Google it and you will find all kinds of tips and tricks to use it.

One way I use is is to spell out the days of the week for me. I hate to type them all the time so all I type is the day of the week abbreviation and TexExpander expands it out tot he full [...]

News now out in dev beta – Funny Dig at Android

I was being shown the new  News Application today by a Developer when we noticed something very interesting. While selecting your initial news categories you are presented with a photo icon and name for each section. For example the Time Magazine tile was a shot of a recent cover.

While we were scrolling we came across the Tile for Android (Operating System) and noticed Tim Cook with a deep laugh as the image.

The image again appeared when I added the Android (Operating System) to my favorites section as you can see in the second photo.


As of 4:15pm eastern it [...]

How to manage your Safari bookmarks on your Mac

The fine folks over at the iCreate blog have published a very good workflow for Safari book mark management and organization. Give it a ready and get your bookmarks useable again.

How to manage your Safari bookmarks on your Mac

The only tip I will add on top of there article is to use the 1Click Bookmark method from 1 Password on your sites with log in information for a quicker experience.

1Click Setup


Remove old Time Machine Backups form Time Capsule

If you need to delete a Time Machine Backup .sparsebundle file from your TimeCapsule, use the following procedure:

  1. Right Click the .sparsebundle file you want to delete and select “Show package contents”
  2. You will see a folder named "bands" that contains all the backed up files. Please note that opening this folder to show its contents takes a VERY long time. The folder will look empty for some time while it loads ( min were 4+ min). You really need some patience to let the file list appear. But when following these steps, you won’t need to do this.
  3. Open Terminal.app and [...]

Make External Display the Primary Monitor

When  you connect the external monitor to an Apple Macbook, the external monitor will display as secondary monitor.

In order to make the external monitor the primary one, go to System Preferences -> Displays.

Select Arrangement. You will see two rectangles - each representing a monitor (internal & external).

You will also notice there is a small white bar at the top of the smaller rectangle. Drag the bar to the bigger rectangle (indicating that you want to make the external monitor the primary one).

How to “Map” a network drive on a Mac

If you frequently access a file server from a Mac it’s pretty helpful to map the network drive to your desktop. There’s two ways to do this, one method is just mapped for one time use and will reset after a reboot, and another method is a more permanent route that allows the mapped network drive to always appear and mount on your desktop after system reboots and user logins.

Map a network drive to Mac OS X

This method maps a network drive that will disappear if the network connection drops or if you reboot your Mac:

  • From Finder, hit Command+K to bring up the ‘Connect to [...]

Pages.app Template Maker

Just the other day I got a question from Anthony about making a Template in Pages.app. Here is his questions "Do you know how to create a template in Pages for paper that has a pre-printed header? The header extends 3" from the top of the page. I would like to be able to prepare documents that will always have the 3" space at the top on every page as I am working through the document."-Anthony

Anthony it is real easy to do. Open a blank document and set it up the way that you want the layout ect... When the current document is set up then open the file menu and click on "Save as Template"

iCal please stop setting my appointments to all day

Lion's iCal changes default behavior of the new event creation in Month View and creates all day events by default. This is one of the most annoying bugs in Lion. But it is really not a bug. I learned today that if you type the name of your meeting and the start time; it will make the new event, set the time, and default the duration to 1 hour. For example, in month view, double click the date you want the appointment to be on. Then type "Meeting Information at 3p". (There is no need to use "at"  if you don't want to)

iCal will set the appointment on the date at 3pm lasting to [...]

Use the Find command in Safari with out typing the CMD+F First

I am a firm believer in using Safari on my mac. When I had my windows computer I used Firefox and there is one thing I really miss.   The feature is hard to describe in text but here is my best attempt. In Firefox when you are on a webpage and you are looking for a word or sentence  you just start typing and the ""Find" bar comes up and you can see the results as you type in more info. By default in Safari you have to type the keyboard shortcut "Command+F" or go to the "Edit" menu and scroll down to the find item and then you get the Find bar at the top of the screen. It seems by the time [...]

View Hidden Files in The Finder

As many of you know i run a Computer Support business, Two days ago I had to mount a Windows XP drive to the system and get the "My Documents" Folder and the Outlook .pst files backed up for a client. When I  mounted the drive to my mac I remembered that the Outlook.pst files are often in a hidden folder called local settings. It took a little digging but to get Finder to show the Hidden files I had to run a little Terminal command.

Here is the Step by step to get the Hidden files to view in the Finder.

Open the Terminal

Type in the following or just copy and paste it in (leave off [...]