Can You Make Quick Look Even More Useful?

The answer is an outstanding YES!!! And it could not be easier to do. As you already know if you try to use Quick Look on a folder all you will get is a picture of the folder icon with no useful information. What if I told you that you could see the entire contents of the folder using quick look and all you would have to do is download this file un zip it and put the “Folder.qlgenerator” file in you Libary/Quicklook folder. ( the library on your main drive not the one in your user folder) I would say you should do this. There is also a plug-in that will do the same thing for a .zip file. If you take my advice and install these 2 plug-ins this is what you will get.

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  1. Mac_Informant

    This folder.qlgenerator doesn’t work with Snow Leopard, nor does ver3 which is the latest ver. as of 11/26/10…Sorry

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