Add a Bookmark To The Downloads Folder

After downloading something, I usually want to go to my downloads folder. I’ve discovered recently that you can put folders into your Safari bookmarks bar. This means that instead of having to click on my downloads folder in the dock, I can simply hit a Keyboard Shortcut and it will open up the Downloads folder in Finder. 

Step 1: In Finder, locate the folder you want to be able to open up from the bookmarks bar.

Step 2: Open up Safari and make sure the bookmarks bar is visible. (Cmd-Shift-B)

Step 3: Drag the folder from Finder into the bookmarks bar. 

Step 4: To access the folder with a keyboard shortcut, figure out how far from the left of the bookmarks bar you placed your new bookmark. If you put it as the 4th bookmark from the left then the keyboard shortcut would be Cmd-4. If you placed it in the 9th position, then it would be Cmd-9.

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