Batch Rename Your Photos Right in iPhoto

I have been using iphoto and loving it for some time now. I have tagged and rated just about every picture i have taken thats worth keeping. My only problem is that i am still having a problem finding a single picture. The DSC#$@$%@#$% name is just getting in the way. If only there were a real easy way to rename my stuff so that the names would conform to a naming convention I could understand.

Well I can do it and it can be done easily right inside iPhoto. I know that there are dozens of ways to rename a file, like use automator. But why go through opening another program to do it?

The process is very easy all you have to do is open iPhoto and select the photos you want to rename.

  1. Go to “Photos” and Select “Batch Change”
  2. You will see a dialog box that will allow you to change Title, Date, And Description.
  3. I selected “Title” and I used “Event Name” because I have already done that and it seemed like a good name for me to use.
  4. If you want to add or modify the description or date this is also where you would do that.
  5. Your done the Title of the File has been Changed.


  1. Chris

    The title changes, but is there a way to change the actual file name. So when viewing the photos in finder you see the new title name?

  2. Alain

    why go through opening another program to do it?

    It’s only renaming file inside iphoto. File name remane the same my friend. So if you intend to stay in iphoto, no problem, but dont expect to find back your new name outside of the program….

  3. !!!!!!

    if only i had read the comments before doing this, what a waste of time.

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