Backing Up

The Fine folks aver at the Blog put together a really nice back up strategy that is really worth looking at.

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“Backup is one of the most important things you should do on your computer. If your HD has problems. If you accidently delete something (for good) etc. The odds of you wishing you had a backup increase every time you boot-up your computer or install software. The question though, is ‘What do I need to backup?’. Well, here’s the minimum that I suggest you do.
Every year, backup your entire computer to DVD/CD.

Every month, backup your entire computer to an external HD.

Every other week backup your user to an External HD.

Every week, backup your critical files (I would suggest a jump-drive, external HD or internet service such as Mozy). What are these? Well, that’s what today’s tip is REALLY about.

Here’s what I suggest you backup:

1: Your current project and all associated files. I would suggest that when you’re working on a project, that you save all your files to one folder.

2: Clean up you desktop and backup everything on it. The reason for this is that if after you clean up your desktop, there are still files there, then obviously those are relatively important.

3: Backup your ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. It would be nice if you could backup your entire library. (My library is only 350 MB) But, I would suggest that you backup this folder in particular.

4: Backup your ~/Library/Application Support/ folder. This will save important stuff like your iWeb templates and such.

5: Backup your bookmarks. To do this in firefox open firefox and go to Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks… and then go to File>Export…
To do this in Safari, go to File>Export Bookmarks…
I would suggest that you save your bookmark.html files to ~/Library/Application Support/Safari/ (You might have to create this folder.)

If you have the room, I would suggest that you backup MacHD/Library/ and MacHD/System/Library/ However, be warned that these folders are usually large.

So, that’s my two cents on what you should backup. Do you backup? If you do, what do you backup? What I’ve mentioned? More? Less? Leave an answer in the comments!”

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