E-mailing Pages Documents To Windows Users

I received an e-mail form Kathryn asking why people were not able to open attachments to her e-mails. After I asked her  A bit more about what was going on, I concluded she was sending .pages documents to people who were either on mac without pages or worse on a windows computer(poor people). What Isuggested to here was to either save the Pages file as a .pdf or save a Word Document Copy.

If you are not sure how to save as a .doc file then this is for you. It is really simple. Open the save dialog (Command + S). If your save box does not look like the one below then all you need to do is [...]

Force Mail in 10.6 to only copy e-mail addresses

In Mail OS X 10.6 one of the changes is how an email address is copied to the clip board. By default in 10.6 when you copy and paste an e-mail address you get the output in "Name " . Before the release of 10.6 you could just copy an email address in Mail and when you pasted it you would just get "name@example.com."

If use use Mail.app like I do and use the copy feature to move e-mail addresses around, and are frustrated by this new format then I have a fix for you.
The developers of 10.6 build in a terminal fix to get the paste back to the way it was before. The fix is a real simple one.

10 Must use Mail.app Keyboard Short Cuts

If you will keep these 10 Mail.app shortcuts in your head you will become much faster at getting through your daily e-mails.

These are my ten most useful, the ones I do remember because I use them most often.

  1. Command-N — Opens a new message
  2. Command-1 — Opens the inbox (try also, Command-2, -3, -4 – neat!)
  3. Command-Shift-M — Closes and opens the mailbox drawer on the left
  4. Command-Option-F — Jumps the cursor up to the search field
  5. Command-Shift-A — Attaches a file to a message
  6. Command-Shift-V — Paste as quotation
  7. Command-Shift-D — Send message
  8. [...]

Resize several items in Preview all at once

I needed a quick way to resize images in batches, and was pleased to find that Preview has that functionality. Open the whole batch of images in Preview; the images will all open in the same window with thumbnails visible in the sidebar.
Select all of the thumbnails in the sidebar (with Command-A, or click the first and then click the last while holding Shift). Next, from the Tools menu, choose Adjust Size. You'll be presented with a dialog containing options to resize to all the common 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes, as well as the option to define custom dimensions. Images are scaled [...]

Hide less-important alarmed reminder events in iCal

iCal's alarms come in handy for those of us who tend to forget the various little things we always need to do. However, you may find iCal getting cluttered with such regularly-scheduled events, pushing other events out of view. But there's a simple solution to this problem.

Go to File » New Calendar » On My Mac, and name the new calendar Reminders or something similar. Put all of your reminders in this calendar, and make sure they all have alarms. Then, simply click on the checkbox next to the Reminder calendar in the sidebar to hide the calendar. Alarms for the hidden calendar will [...]

Use QuickTime X from the Keyboard

If you have made the move to Snow Leopard then you are using the new QuickTime X. There are a few keyboard shortcut that can help you while using the new application.

Use The J,K, & L keys to skim the video

Use the Right Arrow to move one frame forward at a time.
Use the Left Arrow to move one frame backward at a time.

Use Option-Right Arrow to Jump to end of movie.
Use Option-Left Arrow to Jump to beginning of movie.

And don't forget you can always use the space bar to play & pause the file.

Quick Tip – Send Again

Suppose you sent a message to a bunch of people and you realize you forgot someoneor someone tells you they did not get the message. Instead of opening the message in your Sent mailbox, copying its contents, and pasting it into a new message, just select the message, choose Message from the menu bar  -> Send Again (Command-Shift-D), and replace the existing recipients with the new one(s), or the person who did not get the message. The subject and message contents remain the same as before (although you can edit them if you like).

Do you have other Mail tips you would like to share?

Create Custom Pages Templates

If you ever need to create a template for a document in Apples Pages, here is how to make a custom one in 4 easy steps.

  1. Open up pages and select the blank document option from the template chooser, now click the choose button in the bottom right of the window. This will load a blank document.
  2. Go crazy, you can use all of your creative talent to make your template, remember to add enough text and photo boxes. You should also pick the fonts you want to use in each box.
  3. When you are happy with your template go to the top menu and click file ->Save as Template. A Finder window will [...]

Saving e-mail threads in Mail.app

To save an entire e-mail exchange from Mail.app to a text file, select the messages you want to save. Then select File: Save As..., and save the messages as plain text or rich text wherever you want. That file will have all the selected messages ordered by date.

If you'd rather have save the messages as a PDF file, choose File: Print..., open the PDF drop-down menu and choose Save as PDF. This will save each message as a separate PDF. (You'll probably want to create a temporary folder to hold them first.) Once Mail is done saving all those PDFs, open the first one in Preview, open the [...]

Quick Way To Send Your e-mail

If you are a user who is trying to use the keyboard as much as you can and keep my hands off the mouse then you may want to learn the keyboard short cut to send a Maill.app message. After yo have typed you message and it is rea to go simply press the Command+shift+D keys and off the message will go.

If you have any other Mail.app short cuts that may help new users please share them in the comments below!