Keep your Data Backed up!!

While reading some of the bloggs today i cam across this tip for you. Use your Web hosting companys hard drive as an off-site backup stroage center.

I have a few other ideas about this but will post them seperatly.

Today on they did a reviw of some very good (and some free) back up utilites. This is very worthy of a look.

Lifehacker Post

Killer iLifezone Podcast for Switchers

The last 2 episodes of the iLifezone Podcast are geared just for switchers. They went out of their way to give us a lot of good tips and tricks. They really tried to put it in the context of a Windows user coming to the Mac. Below is the show notes from the podcasts taken straight from the iLifezone web site. To Subscribe to the Rss feed of the iLifezone please head toei website and use the link. The Podcast is available at Their site as well.

Show 28

It's all about switchers. Today we honor the brave souls who shunned the evil Redmonopoly and saw the bright white light of Apple. We [...] Price Drop

Along with the announcement of the new MacPros today, Apple dropped the prices of their displays (monitors). The 20 inch will cost you $100.00 less now price at $599.00. The 23 inch has also been dropped by $100.00 and is selling for $899.00. The biggest drop was on the 30 inch Cinema HD display, they gave it a price of $1,799.00 which is $200.00 less. They are offering free shipping on all the displays. For all the specs visit the Apple website or click here.

Apple Updates Product Line – New Mac Pros

Apple has posted on their website that the new MacPros are available. They are offering us 4 and 8 core set-ups. The starting prices for the new systems are $2,200.00 for the 4 core and $2,499.00 for the 8 Core. With over 33 million configurations available (according to The new system will set you back $13,426.00 for the best of the best configuration. Thats a bit out of this man reach for a computer.