Quick Tip: Speed up entering a url in Mobile Safari.

In Mobile Safari for the iOS devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, you can enter a new url without tapping the x that clears the url field.

For Example:

If you already have say apple.com open on you iphone and you want to go to newmacuser.com. All you have to do is tap the url bar and start typing. Mobile Safari is smart enough to know that you want a new url and clears the old one for you.

10.6.5 Snow Leopard Update Breaks Letterbox Mail.app Plugin – Quick Fix

For you Letterbox - Mail.app plugin lovers out there here is a quick fix to get you back it working in 10.6.5 Snow Leopard. First off you will need the new "SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUIDs".

  1. 857A142A-AB81-4D99-BECC-D1B55A86D94E
  2. BDD81F4D-6881-4A8D-94A7-E67410089EEB

Then you will need a program to edit info.plist files. If you have developer tools installed you will use Property List Editor if not you will need a program that will edit an .xml file like my favorite Texwrangler.


Next you have to find and edit the info.plist for [...]

Use the Find command in Safari with out typing the CMD+F First

I am a firm believer in using Safari on my mac. When I had my windows computer I used Firefox and there is one thing I really miss.   The feature is hard to describe in text but here is my best attempt. In Firefox when you are on a webpage and you are looking for a word or sentence  you just start typing and the ""Find" bar comes up and you can see the results as you type in more info. By default in Safari you have to type the keyboard shortcut "Command+F" or go to the "Edit" menu and scroll down to the find item and then you get the Find bar at the top of the screen. It seems by the time [...]

View Hidden Files in The Finder

As many of you know i run a Computer Support business, Two days ago I had to mount a Windows XP drive to the system and get the "My Documents" Folder and the Outlook .pst files backed up for a client. When I  mounted the drive to my mac I remembered that the Outlook.pst files are often in a hidden folder called local settings. It took a little digging but to get Finder to show the Hidden files I had to run a little Terminal command.

Here is the Step by step to get the Hidden files to view in the Finder.

Open the Terminal

Type in the following or just copy and paste it in (leave off [...]

Apple Store – Haywood Mall Opens it’s Doors

The Apple store in Haywood mall opened it's doors at 10:00 am today. The store is one of the biggest I have been in. Much larger than the 2 closest stores Charlotte, NC and Mall of Georgia, GA. When the store opened at 10 there were more than 500 in line to see the 1st Apple store in the upstate of SC. I shot all kinds of video on my iPhone 4 today and I am going to use my phone to do the editing with iMovie mobile and then post on the site. I will use that video to review iMovie for you. That should be up by the end of the day. Also, if you need an appointment with an apple genius you can [...]

Apple Store Comes to Greenville Saturday July 10th

The long awaited Haywood Mall Apple store will be opening its doors for the first time this Saturday at 10:00am. Apple has not had much of a presence in the Upstate until now. Please join me in welcoming Apple to the Upstate. I am going to try and be in line to be one of the first in the store along with some of my friends from the local Greer Mac User Group.

Every Apple Retail Store offers a range of free services designed to help customers get the most out of their Apple products, including face-to-face support and advice at the Genius Bar, hands-on workshops and special programs for [...]

Get Detailed iPhoto information on your photos

For our summer vacation my parents bought a new camera and we wanted to test it against 2 other cameras. So we headed to the beach with the 3 cameras and took the same shoots. Long story short I came back to the beach house and uploaded all the shots to iPhoto. I then wanted to see all the information about each shot so I knew which camera too the best shoots. I kept hitting "Command+I" but all I got was a gray window with a map. No camera data. Then I found out to get the detailed information,or  Extended Photo Info, you have to use the option key modifier. So to get to the detailed [...]

I Forgot My Admin Password – How Do I Reset It.

This morning I got and e-mail from the site.  Doug has forgotten his Admin password for his make ( or it was changed by mistake) and he needed help figuring out how to reset it. Bellow are the instructions for Snow Leopard. If you need the instructions for a different version then scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to the apple support articles on this subject.

This is a 2 step process because your user password and your keychain password will both have to be reset. The first step is to reset the user password from your OS boot disk. (more…)

PowerCurl Keeps MagSafe Organized

I am an avid mobile user of my mac, and when I bought the MacBook the only issue I had was keeping the MagSafe power cord organized. About 6 months ago I found the answer to my problem. I came across a new product from Quirky.com. It is called the PowerCurl. What it does is pretty cool and pretty simple. It not only gives you a place to wrap the MagSafe side of the transformer it wraps the power cord side as well. It also helps to keep the transformer area cool by elevating it off of any surface and allowing for better air flow around the MagSafe transformer. I have been using mine none stop [...]

Get Parallels for 50 bucks and 10 other applications

MacUpdate Promo today released a bundle that includes Parallels and 10 other great Mac applications. None of the Applications are not crippled in any way. They are full versions of the software just as if you had bought them straight from the Developers Web site. This is more than $400 of great software for 50 bucks. Check out the this video (MacUpdate Promo Spring 2010) to learn more about each application. It does a good job of telling about each application.
Hurry up before the Promo expires on March 31st at 11:59 pm.

So whats is the Pack?

  • Parallels 5 - $80 application - Run [...]