New Mac owners this post is for you. If you have had you mac for a while this may be a reminder to you. This week I had a service call for someone who needed to install the X11 that is included on the OS 10.4 install disks that apple sends you when you buy the computer. This person said she did not even remember the disks coming with the computer. Why am I telling you this? Because when the stuff hits the fan and you need these disks to reinstall your operating system, or add something that came on them to your system its a real good idea to know exactly where they are. It will cost you even more time and money if you have to search around for the disks when you have a service tech at your office or home. Now I am sure that i will get comments on the fact that you can call apple and have them ship you replacement disks at the charge of $40 (US) give or take a few dollars, but I hate to give any company and more of my money than I have to.

My advise you, new Mac owners, is to get these disk that come out of the box and first make a copy of them and place them in a very safe location. Then you need to take the originals and put them in a different safe place. There are many tips on the internet for not misplacing your restore disks. What we do here at New Mac User is to put one copy in the Drawer in my desk that has all the CD/DVD’s that I have purchased. (its a real big Drawer.) For my Parents I bought a Handstands 11307 CD and DVD Storage Binder and we put all their disks in it.

A quick side note we also put a monthly backup of all the pictures they take on a DVD and put it in the notebook. The at the end of the year we take all 12 DVDs and put them on One or two Disks.

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