11Mystics says to hold off on iWeb '08. "> 11Mystics says to hold off on iWeb '08. "> 11Mystics says to hold off on iWeb '08. ">

ALERT – From 11mystics.com about iWeb ’08

Many of you know i really like the iWeb templates that 11mystics has put together. Just after the Jobs Keynote was over today i received an e-mail from 11mystics telling me to hold off on the iWeb ’08 application because the templates they offer will not work yet. See the e-mail below.

“This is Suzanne from 11mystics.com. You are receiving this note because you have purchased one or more iWeb templates from me in the past. Today Apple released iLife 08 which means that a new version of iWeb has been released as well.

This new version of iWeb has rendered all third-party templates unusable,at least for the moment. The entire theme architecture has changed whichmeans that all third-party templates will NOT work unless we find a way to convert them.

For the time being, please follow these important steps to ensure you can continue to edit your existing site with any template you’ve purchased from me:

1. Make a copy of your current iWeb application and save it to another place on your hard drive. You can still use iWeb 1.1.2 from this new location.

2. Make a back-up copy of your site file. This file is named domain.sites or if you do not show file extensions, it will read simply as “domain”. This file is found at this location:

~user/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites

3. Save a copy of that file to a safe place in case you accidentally convert it to 2.0 format.

Once you have saved copies of both iWeb 1.1.2 and your domain.sites file, you can safely install iWeb 2.0 and play with it.

Since iWeb 1.1.2 and iWeb 2.0 both use the domain.sites file to store your site, you’ll have to be careful now. You should create a NEW domain file if you want to play with iWeb 2.0. Do NOT open your master site with iWeb 2.0 because it will require an update that will render it useless in 1.1.2.

iWeb 2.0 will ask you to open an existing domain file or create a new one. Just create a new one but do not store it in the same folder as your old one – that will just overwrite your old one and now you have a big problem 🙂

Good luck and remember, back-up your stuff. That way you can always undo any mess you create. Please follow my blog for updates on the template situation. Since the changes are significant, this will take a while to figure out, if it’s even possible.


I will keep you informed if I hear any thing Else

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