Adding a Web Site to A Key Note Presentation

The Folks over at “A New Mac Tip Every Day” have this killer tip for adding a web site to your keynote presentation and keeping the site up to date.
“This is a great tip submitted by Dominic P. Tremblay: Adding a shot of a website to a Keynote presentation! This is really something that when I first saw it, it convinced me of how superior Keynote is to PowerPoint. Okay, the truth is that you can easily take a screenshot with easy OS X shortcuts and bring it into Power Point or Keynote. But that is long, you’ll end up with an additional file on the desktop (it really adds up when you take a lot of screenshots) and the website in your Keynote presentation won’t update automatically. The other way of doing that only works with Keynote and it is that Keynote actually loads the website into your presentation. You’re then sure that your Keynote presentation will stay up-to-date no matter when you show it. Even if you don’t have internet access, it will simply show the latest downloaded version. To do it, you simply have to drag the small icon that is on the left side of the url in your web browser to the Keynote presentation. It unfortunately only works in Safari and Camino. Firefox will simply display the url in the presentation.”

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  1. Scott

    This instruction is not clear, when I drag the small icon (flavicon) that is on the left side of the url in my web browser (Safari) to the keynote presentation all I get is the title of webpage appearing as text, I see no website displayed in keynote.

    …am I doing something wrong? …please advise.

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