Add Google’s Analytics Service to iWeb sites

The folks over at have created a really cool way to add the Google Analytics Service to your iWeb sites. This service will work as long as you don’t use the .Mac service to host your web site. Follow the link to get the program and step by step directions. Add Google Analytics


  1. Henrik

    The Automator action is available in version 1.2. It supports the new Google Analytics code.

    It works fine with dot mac web sites. Select the web site via iDisk and let the Finder plug in do its work

    Kind regards

  2. Su Burrows

    Henrik – can you give me step by step instructions? I’ve never used the automator before and not sure really how. I’m sure it’s very simple – but I’m stumped!


  3. Matt

    Su all you need to do for google analytics is use a “html snippet” web widget for this now that the newer version of iweb is out.

  4. Temple Scene

    It does work when it’s published to dotmac. Just find the Sites folder on your iDisk and run the script there.

  5. Jonathan

    worked brilliantly.

    thanks guys!

  6. Henrik

    Version 1.3.1 is out.
    It now works with Snow Leopard!

    Kind regards

  7. Dean

    not working so much for me. Says it can’t connect with the files it needs…

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