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United Kingdom – iWebTemplate is proud to announce the addition of 30 Rapidweaver themes to its collection courtesy of Rapidweaverthemes. RapidWeaverThemes offers you some of the best, and most versatile themes for RapidWeaver that you can find. Rapidweaverthemes strive to provide themes for every area life whether you are needing a theme for a personal site, a business site, a church site, or a non-profit site one of our many themes will surely fit the bill.

Rapidweaverthemes in collaboration with iWebTemplate offer great customer support not only before the sale but also after the sale. We understand that there is more to building a business than just offering a product at a great price. Customer service is a key ingredient in any successful business. That is why we offer several support venues for our customers.

Added Themes include:


We think that this is the BEST theme we have done to date. Based on our current website only with ALOT more options. You will not be disappointed!


Re-written to take advantage of all of the features that RW 4.0 has to offer. Custom headers, transparent overlays, and a ton of options … a MUST HAVE.


Different, but not too different. While the Inspiration theme is unique it easily fits the bill for any type of website whether personal, commercial, or non-profit.


A unique theme that offers all of the extra’s that you have come to expect from RWT. This theme is great for personal or professional sites.

Moxie 2:

Rebuilt from the ground up and ready for RapidWeaver 3.6 and 4.0. It offers all of the same features as the original plus a whole lot more.


One of our latest professional themes for RapidWeaver. This theme is perfect for business sites, church sites, school sites or personal sites. Everything you have come to expect from RWT.


Snazzy sports a drop down menu system and has a cool semi-transparent box in the header to add text, links, rss feeds, etc…


If you are tired of squared corners then you do not need to look any further RWT Curves is for you!


Bloggins is an extremely versatile theme that can be used for any occasion. A ton of variations and flexibility … Bloggins is a theme you want.


iDezign is another great theme that is perfect for businesses, personal weblogs, schools, churches, etc… A simple, clean and usable theme.


First built for RapidWeaver 3.5, Premier has been updated for RapidWeaver version 3.6 and 4.0. Premier is perfect for businesses, personal weblogs, schools, churches, etc…

Headliner 3:

Another GREAT 3 Column solution for the RapidWeaver Community. This theme offers it all! H3 comes with several video tutorials that will help you get your website just the way you want it.


This is a highly customizable theme! It is designed to work with RWmultitool and gives you a lot of control. A definite”MUST HAVE”.

EZ 5:

Again, the EZ 5 theme was created to allow you to create a professional looking website in the shortest amount of time.

EZ 4:

This theme steps outside of the normal themes that we usually do. It comes loaded with variations but was designed to only use LEFT navigation. Can be used as a minimalist type theme.

EZ 3:

This theme comes with all of the features you need to make creating websites as EZ as pie. It is ready for RW multitool.

EZ 2:

A Brand New theme unlike any that we have ever done. This theme is ready for RWmultitool and also is ready to take advantage of the color picker features found in RW 3.6.

EZ 1:

A Brand New theme based off of the current design of the RWT website. This theme is ready for RWmultitool and also is ready to take advantage of the color picker features found in RW 3.6.


Structure packs quite a punch for a $12 theme. Tons of variations to make custimization a snap. It is ready for RW multitool and also ready to take advantage of the colour picker features found in RW 3.6.


One of our most popular themes over the last 12 months. Unbelievable toolbar options. You have got to see it to believe it. This theme alone makes RapidWeaver worth having. This theme is RWmultitool ready and has endless possibilities.


Industrial Strength! That is what you get with RWT_Industrial. This theme will blow you away!


Total Control! That is what you get with Mojo. Our most adaptable theme with enough options to make everyone happy. This is one theme that you just can not do without!

Corporate Appeal:

A brand new sophisticated theme. Now ready for RW 3.6.


Set your imagination free with this highly versatile theme. Elite Comes ready for RW multitool and also with the master Photoshop files to make it easy for you to customize your header image.


Simple, clean, and timeless. RW 3.6 READY.


A masterful 3 Column theme that takes advantage of all of the features of RapidWeaver 3.6. PLUS this theme comes with LightBox already installed so your Photo Album will be “over the top” cool!


Built for RW 3.6 Another really cool and versatile theme for RapidWeaver. This unique theme uses the logo in very logical way. It makes the logo the entire width by 90 px tall.


RWT_Classic is a brand new theme that works with RapidWeaver 3.6 ONLY. It was created to take advantage of the cool new features that RW 3.6 offers.


UPDATE: Suspicion now comes with a 3.5 version a 3.6 version and a Sandvox version. An amazing new theme for RapidWeaver. So cool and so versatile that your site will be the envy of your peers.

Suite 101:

A truly unique theme that steps outside the normal way of constructing a theme. All the features you have come to expect from RWT.

Pricing and Availability:

All Themes are available from $10.

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