NOVUS More Space LiftTec Arm Review

For about a year I have been doing some freelance work for a local company specia

lizing in custom workspaces. Recently, they became the U.S distributor of a line of products made by a German company, NOVUS. The MoreSpace line of products are highly durable workspace accessories designed to maximize efficiency (They look pretty cool too).

The line of products range from pencil holders to flexible multi-monitor lift arms. I was asked to take home a higher end single monitor arm named, LiftTec Arm III (15-35lbs). Seeing as I am geek about office products, I jumped at the chance. I was [...]

Quick Tip: Speed up entering a url in Mobile Safari.

In Mobile Safari for the iOS devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, you can enter a new url without tapping the x that clears the url field.

For Example:

If you already have say open on you iphone and you want to go to All you have to do is tap the url bar and start typing. Mobile Safari is smart enough to know that you want a new url and clears the old one for you.