Force Mail in 10.6 to only copy e-mail addresses

In Mail OS X 10.6 one of the changes is how an email address is copied to the clip board. By default in 10.6 when you copy and paste an e-mail address you get the output in "Name " . Before the release of 10.6 you could just copy an email address in Mail and when you pasted it you would just get ""

If use use like I do and use the copy feature to move e-mail addresses around, and are frustrated by this new format then I have a fix for you.
The developers of 10.6 build in a terminal fix to get the paste back to the way it was before. The fix is a real simple one.

10 Must use Keyboard Short Cuts

If you will keep these 10 shortcuts in your head you will become much faster at getting through your daily e-mails.

These are my ten most useful, the ones I do remember because I use them most often.

  1. Command-N — Opens a new message
  2. Command-1 — Opens the inbox (try also, Command-2, -3, -4 – neat!)
  3. Command-Shift-M — Closes and opens the mailbox drawer on the left
  4. Command-Option-F — Jumps the cursor up to the search field
  5. Command-Shift-A — Attaches a file to a message
  6. Command-Shift-V — Paste as quotation
  7. Command-Shift-D — Send message
  8. [...]

Resize several items in Preview all at once

I needed a quick way to resize images in batches, and was pleased to find that Preview has that functionality. Open the whole batch of images in Preview; the images will all open in the same window with thumbnails visible in the sidebar.
Select all of the thumbnails in the sidebar (with Command-A, or click the first and then click the last while holding Shift). Next, from the Tools menu, choose Adjust Size. You'll be presented with a dialog containing options to resize to all the common 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes, as well as the option to define custom dimensions. Images are scaled [...]