Hide less-important alarmed reminder events in iCal

iCal's alarms come in handy for those of us who tend to forget the various little things we always need to do. However, you may find iCal getting cluttered with such regularly-scheduled events, pushing other events out of view. But there's a simple solution to this problem.

Go to File » New Calendar » On My Mac, and name the new calendar Reminders or something similar. Put all of your reminders in this calendar, and make sure they all have alarms. Then, simply click on the checkbox next to the Reminder calendar in the sidebar to hide the calendar. Alarms for the hidden calendar will [...]

Use QuickTime X from the Keyboard

If you have made the move to Snow Leopard then you are using the new QuickTime X. There are a few keyboard shortcut that can help you while using the new application.

Use The J,K, & L keys to skim the video

Use the Right Arrow to move one frame forward at a time.
Use the Left Arrow to move one frame backward at a time.

Use Option-Right Arrow to Jump to end of movie.
Use Option-Left Arrow to Jump to beginning of movie.

And don't forget you can always use the space bar to play & pause the file.