Add a Bookmark To The Downloads Folder

After downloading something, I usually want to go to my downloads folder. I've discovered recently that you can put folders into your Safari bookmarks bar. This means that instead of having to click on my downloads folder in the dock, I can simply hit a Keyboard Shortcut and it will open up the Downloads folder in Finder. 

Step 1: In Finder, locate the folder you want to be able to open up from the bookmarks bar.

Step 2: Open up Safari and make sure the bookmarks bar is visible. (Cmd-Shift-B)

Step 3: Drag the folder from Finder into the bookmarks bar. 

Step 4: To access the [...]

MacBook May Get FireWire Back

To say there has been a lot of buzz around Apples decision to leave off the FireWire port on its new line of MacBooks is an understatement. But there is hope for the beloved FireWire standard. According to a recent article from Zdnet's "The Apple Core", there is a new standard in the works that would allow for FireWire over Ethernet. The IEEE 1394c is an extension to the FireWire standard (IEEE 1394/a/b) that would provide the ability for FireWire to run at 800Mbps over category 5 unshielded twisted pair cables. It’s still in development and just passed the first ballot.  Accruing [...]

My Apple Space announces live chat during October 14 keynote

My Apple Space is delighted to introduce live chat before, during and after the Apple keynote October 14th. My Apple Space is aimed at providing Apple users around the globe a place to connect, cultivate relationships, build a strong sense of community and designed to be a user driven switcher machine on the internet. It's a great resource for finding out about the latest Mac Hardware, news, latest software updates or just meeting new friends.

MindNode Pro 1.0.2 released

Markus Mueller today has announced MindNode Pro 1.0.2, an update to his popular mind mapping application for Mac OS X Leopard. With a focus on ease-of-use, MindNode Pro features a very simple and intuitive interface that lets the user focus on expressing and developing ideas. By leveraging technologies introduced in Leopard, MindNode Pro's new features are carefully integrated and only surface when required. Easily print, share and export mind maps as TIFF image, FreeMind, PDF, HTML or OPML.

Baseline 1.4 adds support for scanning Time Machine backup volumes

MildMannered Industries today announced Baseline 1.4, an update to their highly rated disk usage utility for Mac OS X. Baseline features include directory, browser and graphical treemap views, QuickLook support, duplicate file detection, and comparison against previous scans. Version 1.4 adds support for hard links, allowing Time Machine backups to be scanned efficiently.

Jumsoft Releases All-in-One Packs for Business

Jumsoft today announces the release of its All-in-One packs, high-quality and professionally designed various types of templates for personal or small business usage. There are three themed packs to choose from - Craft, Elite, and Rich. All-in-One theme packs provide the templates for all the applications customers are likely to need in their business - iWeb, Keynote, Pages, and even Apple Mail.

Control iTunes From The Dock

Have you ever been using an application when a song came on in iTunes you would rather not hear? Or re-play the last song just one more time? I found a little trick the last time I right click on the iTunes icon in the doc. A complete menu pops up looking like the one below. You can use this to control iTunes in any way you need. It even tells about the current song playing.

Screenium 1.0 Final Released – Screencasts In A Snap

Synium Software today released the much antecipated Screenium 1.0 Final. This advanced screencasting tool creates high-quality movies of your Mac's desktop complete with multi-channel audio. Screenium's pre-release version received a lot of positive feedback worldwide, thanks to the full feature set, efficient recording performance and pristine quality. Screenium 1.0 offers "HotText", iSight PiP and is keyboard-controllable. Screenium is fully supports Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard.