A Better Way to Use Active Corners

I really enjoy the availability of "Active Corners" . Active Corners is the ability to use each corner of the screen to perform and action. You can control the settings for Active Corners in System Preferences -> Expose and Spaces on the Expose tab. (as seen in the picture below) You can ask any of the 4 corners of the display to launch any of the following.

  • All Windows
  • Application Windows
  • Desktop
  • Dashboard
  • Start Screen Saver
  • Disable Screen Saver
  • Sleep Display


Reset iPhones Cell Connection

A week or 2 ago I went to the At&t Store in Greenville to complain about the lousy coverage I have gotten on my iPhone and my wife's blackberry. The AT&T rep stated that I should be resetting the phone at least once a week if not every day. I asked why and she went into the dissertation she received via e-mail a few month ago and I lost interest very quickly. The gist of it was so the phone will get the most up to date information and make sure that the phone is using the right tower for its signal. So I agreed and reset my iPhone on the spot. I really did not expect it to make any [...]

Turn Off Hyperlinks in Pages

I have begun using Pages more and more lately to make some really nice documents. So far there has only been one thing that really ticks me off about pages. When I type in an e-mail address or a Website I automatically turns it into a hyperlink. (more…)

Use Time Machine To Create A Bootable Backup

In the event of a drive failure, Time Machine has the ability to create a bootable backup. It takes some preparation, however, which must be done before disaster strikes.

Using Disk Utility, create a partition on the drive you are using for Time Machine (see Disk Utility Help for instructions on how to do this without erasing your Time Machine backups). The new partition must be large enough to hold the contents of your computer's drive, plus 10 or 20Gb of elbow room. If your system weighs 85Gb, then the new partition should be 100Gb or so. Leave this partition blank, and go on with your [...]

iWork for Business: Seminar

Apples Business division has posted a 30 minute or so seminar about how to use the iWork products in an office environment. You will have to register for the seminar prior to viewing it but its well worth giving them you e-mail address for.

Check out the seminar here.

Mac Mini: Now Able to do Dual Screen

After the folks at Kensington have released the new Mac and PC compatible Dual Monitor Adapter you can use the usb port to connect a second monitor. I have a 2 monitor setup when ever I am in my office and love it. It makes it very easy to keep some things open and not take up space where I am working.

This product will also help out laptop owners who want to have a dual monitor setup and make the one on the laptop not in the pair.

The Dual Monitor Adapter is a bit high in my opinion at 119.00 but I feel sure it will come down as I gains popularity.

Hide All Windows Execpt The One You Want To Work On

If you are the type of user who opens lots of windows in one space and they start stacking on top of each other (like the picture below)then this tip is for you.

There are a few ways you can get to any of the open windows. You could just start scrolling through them like we showed you about in this article (Switch Between All Open Windows), or you could use expose. For me the best way to start working in the window I want is to use the Option + Command and click right on the window I want to work in. The major benefit to this method is the it will drop all other windows to the back [...]

Get .Mac for 69.99 From Amazon

Did you know that you can still get .Mac from Amazon.com for 69.99. By the time you receive it and sign in the new ME.com could be ready to roll out. If not you will be ready at the time of launch and not have to wait on Mobile Me to get shipped to you. You will also save 30.00 on the new service. If you get the new ME.com service let us know your address so we can send you a line.

Get .Mac from Amazon Here.