Naked iPhone Case

This case is one of the best I have seen for the iPhone. My biggest complaint with almost all of the cases that are out there for the iPhone are to bulky and they don't protect the most important thing the face. Well Case Mate has come to the rescue with this kick @$$ case. The case is totally clear and surounds the entire iPhone in plastic. The plastic piece that covers the screen allows your touch to go right through. The video below describes how it works real well. I have ordered mine and the company says it will take a bit to get me the case because they are overwhelmed with orders.


Open Links From Mail in The Background

If you get e-mails that has several links embeded in them you can open the links in the background of the default web browser (Firefox for me). The process is the same as opening a new tab in Safari. Just command + click on the link and it will open a new tab in the web browser and not bring the web browser to the front. Give this a shot next time you are trying to get through your e-mails and don't want to be distracted by the you tube video your sister sent you a link to.

Open Toolbar Searches In A New Window Or Tab

I like to do my Google searches in the toolbar from either Firefox or Safari. I also like to have the searches open in a new window or tab in the browser that I am using.
To open new the new search from Safari's toolbar search all you need to do is type in your search terms and instead of hitting enter hit command + enter.
In Firefox the process is much the same, type in your search terms in the toolbar and then hit option + return to open a new window or tab.

Apple Keyboard Symbols

This may seem like a simple or even obvious post. But, I have friends who have recently switched to the Mac and they don’t always know what the icons represent in the menus for keyboard shortcuts. I did some searching and couldn’t really find anybody explaining what the icons represent. I thought that was a bit odd so I wanted to get something out there for those few Mac newbies (or maybe even the veterans that still don’t know).

The icons I’m talking about look like this: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcut Icons

Now, I’ll explain each quickly: