Photoshop Elements 6 is Now Out For The Mac

On Monday of this week Adobe released its latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. According to the Adobe website,this version have several improvements over the last version. Some of the improvements are the ability to easily create perfect group shots with new Photomerge® Ggroup Shot, batch apply one or more adjustments to multiple images simultaneously, take advantage of Guided Edit mode for assistance with key steps when editing and making creations, count on flexible layout options to create scrapbook pages, CD/DVD labels, and more, Select objects in your photos more easily than [...]

Turn Your Macbook Into A Video Camera

Huckleberry is a small set of 2 mirrors that change the view of the built-in iSight camera by 180 degrees. You take this small device and set it onto you your portable mac and it will record what is on the other side. This could be used to iChat with family or hold meetings or even shoot a video podcast. I am sure that there are many more uses for this product. How would you use it?

Keep iChat Out of The Way

I recently started using iChat more and more to communicate with my extended family. I have also used it to help my Grandfather when he has questions, I just fire up iChat and share his screen and I am able to help him with his issues. The other day I was messing around with the preferences in iChat and noticed something I have never been told about or heard of. I am sure that most of you know this but for my newer users who want to use iChat but don't want to have the window open all the time you can check a box in the Preferences of iChat that will put the status icon on the Menu Bar. From [...]

Make Your Own Time Capsule

After Apple updated Time Machine and The Airport Extreme you can now have the same function as Apples Time Capsule. I am going to include this as 1.5 of my backup solution "Mac Backups Made Easy".

You can get an Apple Airport Extreme from Amazon for 174.99 and that is 5.00 off of Apples price and they toss in Free Shipping.You can also pick up a really nice Western Digital 500 gig My Book for 129.99 and it gets shipped for free as well.

Updated by Matt after some information I had wrong. Sorry

Keep Your Internet Receipts Organized

If you are anything like me and my family, you buy all kinds of things online. I use Amazon and eBay as much as I can to save a few bucks. The biggest problem for me is what to do with the receipts? Last month at out Mac User Group meeting we were talking about the "Print Options Menu" and there it was a "Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder" option, it was sitting right under the .pdf options button on the bottom right. The first thing that I thought was well where is this mysterious "Web Receipts Folder"? It sits in your Documents folder. It is not there by default unless you have used it [...]

First Apple Store in South Carolina to be in Charleston

Being an Apple lover that lives in the Upstate of South Carolina I am happy and sad all at the same time to hear that the first apple store will be going up on King Street in Charlest

I am happy because that means Apple has really looked at our area. Sad because they picked a location that is 3 and a half hours away. I live in Greenville SC which is at the opposite end of the state. Here is Greenville we only have one place that is selling Macs to us locally and that is a in shop called iPlace on Pelham Road. They are more of a repair shop than a sales store so they have a limited on hand [...]

Mac Backups Made Easy :Part 1

Over the last year or so of running New Mac User the question I am most often asked is "What is the best way to backup my system?" I have tried to give just about everyone who asked advice on what will work for them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I firmly believe that until you lose some very important data backing up is not a priority for you. This was the case for me. Right after my wife and I had our second child, Maddie, we were in the waiting room for her one month check-up, and something happened to my macbook. It would not come out of sleep mode and it would not [...]