Apple puts iPhoto Books and Calendars On Sale

The nice folks over at have put their photo printing services on sale for the books and calendars. It is a very simple process per the page that they have devoted to the sale. The sale runs now through the end of February 2008. I must say they did a good job with the books. I have 2 of them and my wife is working on one now with our Christmas Pictures from just a few days ago.

The codes are:

For calendars, use code: NAWinterCal08

For photo books, use code: NAWinterBook08

How-to Email an iTunes Song


  1. Open (/Applications/
  2. Choose File –> New
  3. In the Starting Points menu, click Music and Audio. Choose “my iTunes Library” in the “Get content from” pop-up menu. Then in 2nd pop-up menu, choose “Ask for songs and playlists when my workflow runs”.
  4. In Library list, click Mail.
  5. In Actions list, drag the action called New Mail Mail Message into the Workflow pane. Click on the Options button and turn on “Show this action when the workflow runs.”
  6. Choose File –> Save

Give it a try and let us know if it works for [...]

Keeping More Than One Address Book

Over the Christmas holidays my wife and I were preparing to send out our christmas cards and wanted to use my address book that was on my MacBook. I searched and searched for a way to make 2 different address books and in the end was not able to find a solution I wanted to use. So I tried it 2 different ways. T

1st Solution -
My wife wanted all the envelopes addressed to Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane Doe. Why, I am not sure, but as I have learned it does me no good to argue with and English teacher over proper letter formatting. So I Began to add Mr. & Mrs. prefixes to each of [...]

Enable Data Detectors in iChat

Do you like how you can get an e-mail from someone about an appointment and will allow you to just enter it in iCal? I really do like it and it has made my life just a step or two easier. Well over the holiday my family bought my Grandfather a Mac and we have since really gotten to love the iChat application. Over at Mac they tell us that if you will type in a one line command that you can enable the Data Detectors in iChat. According to Mac just enter

defaults write EnableDataDetectors 1

into terminal and iChat will have the same ability to have [...]

Are You Getting Sick Of Seeing The Crash Report?

I have to agree with the folks over at about how annoying it is to see the crash report right after you have some unknown force close the application you have been working on. In their article they tell us how to use the terminal to turn off this very annoying problem.

I hate it when an application crashes, it is far and beyond annoying; the only thing that pisses me off more is the popup that shows up after it crashes asking if I want to send all of my personal information to Apple… Of course I do NOT! So why bother with these pesky solicitations of privacy [...]

How to use basic fade in/out from black in iMovie ’08

Are you an iMovie '08 user, adapting from iMovie HD? Do you think you're missing those crucial transitions for your project -- Fade In and Fade Out? I know I was when I first migrated to iMovie '08. Want them back? Since iMovie '08 does not require transitions to be tied to one or two clips, you can use transitions in pretty creative ways. This is one way I figured out how to do this creatively. If you want your "Fade In" transition back, on your very first clip, drag the new "Fade Through Black" transition. If you want your "Fade Out" transition back, you can drag the "Fade Through Black" [...]

Organizing threads in Mail!

Do you want to have your to organize your conversations like gmail? If so its a very easy thing to toggle on and off. All you have to do is:

  1. Right-click in the toolbar.
  2. Choose "Customize Toolbar...".
  3. Add the "Threads" button.When you click on it, you inbox will automatically adjust, sorting everything by conversation.
  4. Clicking on the blue arrow at the left of a message (a message that contains many more) will let you see every email in the thread.

What makes this even better than Gmail is that it is really easy to activate or deactivate it.

Use Spaces in ‘at a glance’ mode

When using the Spaces hot key (F8), if you hold the key, Spaces will appear, then disappear when you release F8. This great when you just want to get a bird's eye view of stuff -- press and hold, view, release and Spaces vanishes. And, this works as expected with the Spaces plus Exposé tip (Show all windows). Press F9 while holding F8, and you'll see the All Windows view.

Also, another tip for those with notebook keyboards (or others?). On mine, F7 has a tiny icon of two screens. This makes an excellent 'icon' for Spaces, so I've re-assigned Spaces to that key.

Via Mac OSX Hints