What is a PPC?

Have you ever been around a bunch of Mac heads and one of them said a term you had no clue what it meant? Have you seen a description on a web site and seen a Mac related term you wanted more info about? Well with the new Leopard dictionary you can look up all of the Mac terms you want and get the definition right there.

Seashore: Freeware Image Editing for Mac

There has been a lot of activity in the OS X image editor realm lately. From new applications competing with Photoshop like Pixelmator and Acorn, to specialized tools like Skitch and Picturesque, there is no shortage of applications for the Mac consumer. Free image editors however, are difficult to come by. There is always the vulnerable venerable GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), but few have the patience to figure out its foreign interface and deal with the quirks of working in a X11 environment. For those Mac users who crave a free native cocoa image editor, Seashore is the answer.


Add Notes And To-Do’s To Your E-mail

Have you ever wanted to add a note or to-do to an e-mail someone sent you? In the new OSX leopard you can. All you have to do is open the e-mail you want to add the note/ to-do to and "CTRL + Click" anywhere on the message and pick New To-Do from the drop down menu. This add an area just above the e-mail that will let you type in your notation. The item will be saved with the e-mail and also in the To-Do section of mail.

Batch Rename Your Photos Right in iPhoto

I have been using iphoto and loving it for some time now. I have tagged and rated just about every picture i have taken thats worth keeping. My only problem is that i am still having a problem finding a single picture. The DSC#$@$%@#$% name is just getting in the way. If only there were a real easy way to rename my stuff so that the names would conform to a naming convention I could understand.

Well I can do it and it can be done easily right inside iPhoto. I know that there are dozens of ways to rename a file, like use automator. But why go through opening another program to do it?

The [...]

AppFresh is Leopard Ready

The best FREE update software is now Leopard Ready. AppFresh is just what it says it is. it helps make sure that your applications are up to date. This clean app runs when you tell it to and checks your applications to see if there is a new version ready. Give this app a try over at Metaquark.de

Open Multiple items From a Stack

After clicking on a stack so that it fans or grids out, hold the Option key down, and then click on as many items as you desire within the stack. As you click each, it will open and the stack will remain onscreen. Unfortunately (at least when selecting folders), items will open behind what ever program you happen to be working in at the time.

Did The New Spotlight Replace Quicksilver?


I did a reinstall of my Leopard system this week and found out the the spotlight feature got a lot smarter. I must say I found this by mistake, but out of habit I hit my keys to envoke quicksilver and it was not there. I had mapped "Command + Space" in my old install and wanted to open a program. When i hit the keys, to my surprise, Spotlight opened. Before i noticed what had happened I started typing just like i would have in Quicksilver. Well right there at the top was the application i wanted. This sparked my interest. I knew that spotlight could do math from a prior post I had. The [...]

Change The Times Assocoated with A File

Have you ever needed to change the time a file was created or last accessed? I know that I have had to make a file look like it was created last week so i could tell the boss I had been working on it when i really had not. Over at the Macenstine weblog they go through a really involved process to explain how to achieve this.

Step 1: Set your clock to the time you SHOULD have made the file.

Step 2: Use Terminal to set the date of your file to the new, wrong, “current” date and time.

From Macenstine

There is a better way as long as you are not terrified of the terminal.

Go to your utilities [...]

Use Some Standard Stacks Icons

Over at XD they have a short walk through to make some standard icons for your stacks.

There was a termainal hack that let you do this but someone went ahead and took care of it for you. All you need to do is download the icons and then drag them into the folder you want them to show on the to of the stack. Example just drag the Downloads icon to the downloads folder on the doc and it will show the icon.

The only thing you need to do is right click on the stack and make sure that you are sorting by date modified.