Stop Closing Multiple Tabs by Mistake in Safari

If you’re anything like me, you’ve accidentally hit command-Q while in Safari and lost tons of important tabs.... TabStop is a handy utility that causes Safari to warn you before closing a browser window if it includes multiple tabs, so you’ll no longer lose those tabbed sites by mistake.

Parallels 3 Beta 2 is out

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up before you head out for the weekend that Beta2 of the Paralells Desktop 3.0 update is live on the site.

This beta adds 2 cool new features that make working with virtual machine easier than ever before.

First, we've improved Coherence by enabling any Windows window to be minimized to the dock, just like a normal Mac application window:

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Walmart Photos QuickUpload for Safari

I use Walmart's online photo service quite a bit; it's cheap and quality is rather good for the cost (if a bit too dark). The best thing about it is that that you can upload your photos from home and pick them up an hour later at most Walmart locations for 19 cents each (4x6). The downside is the web browser form-based uploading. You have to select the images one by one, which obviously takes forever if you have a lot of pictures. Naturally enough they have desktop software for Windows, but not Mac. However, I recently had a lot of photos to upload and started digging around their site for a [...]

Adding a Web Site to A Key Note Presentation

The Folks over at "A New Mac Tip Every Day" have this killer tip for adding a web site to your keynote presentation and keeping the site up to date."This is a great tip submitted by Dominic P.... But that is long, you'll end up with an additional file on the desktop (it really adds up when you take a lot of screenshots) and the website in your Keynote presentation won't update automatically.... To do it, you simply have to drag the small icon that is on the left side of the url in your web browser to the Keynote presentation.