Open Several Inspector Windows

If you are like me and use your mac for just about everything and like to use the inspector to drive your applications (such as in iWeb) and would like to make changes to items but they are in different sections of the inspector window you can open up several of the inspector tabs in different windows by Pressing the option key and then clicking the tab.

Keep track of your cable tips

While looking for good stuff to bring you i found this at the mac osx hints blog ...

Tether plastic caps to Apple's laptop plugs

I like that Apple provides little caps for the various laptop cables, but I am always afraid of losing the caps. This is especially important for my Powerbook's power supply cable. Since I throw the power supply in my bag, I was concerned that the prong (tip of the connector) would get damaged, so I use the plastic cap for protection.

My little solution for tethering the caps is pretty simple. All you need are the supplied cap, some dental floss, and a [...]


I just saw this nice little app demoed at Billable is a neat little application that will help keep freelancers organized. There are many applications like this one out there but this one seems to give it all to the user. With things like customizable invoices using HTML and CSS, you don't have to be a page layout genius to make a good looking invoice to hand, or in the care of the application e-mail to a client. I also has a lot of the summary items that a small business person will need to look up. After the jump check out the video from

Make Stacks in OS X Tiger

After watching the keynote last night, I really only saw one feature that i really have to have from the new Mac OS. It is Stacks. I began investigating how i could make this work on my Mac running OS 10.4. I saw a tip on Lifehacker that got me started. (Lifehacker article) They explained how to put a folder on the doc and if you click and hold the folder you will get a list. I know, I know its not a live view of the item but it is a way to open the item in much less time. Mr. Jobs said that he was going to have on of these stacks done for us out of the box in the download folder. I love [...]