.Mac To Receive Substantial Upgrades Next Month

Steve Jobs hinted at substantial upgrades to Apple's existing .Mac online package during his 'All Things Digital Appearance' with Bill Gates. Leopard and iPhone integration might just be the beginning. I can tell you this much I will not renew my subscription unless they really make it worth the 99.95 a year. Oh by the way if you want to pay less for the same thing (either for the first time or to renew) you can go to Amazon. com and Pay 79.99 and they will pay for shipping.

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Publishing your calendars without .Mac!

I was looking through the arcives at A New Mac Tip Every Day and Came Across this.

I have to admit that being able to share calendars between Macs was really one of the features that convinced me to get .Mac. .Mac is great, but it is pricey for what it offers especially if you are not interested in every features included in the package. There is a pretty cool website that offers the service of web published and shared calendars free. It is called iCal Exchange. To publish and share your calendars from iCal:

Journler – an Organizing Software on Steriods

If you are into a lot of different projects,organizations, or any other time when you have to juggle many different things at once then the app Journler is for you. I thought about doing a podcast on this but the folks a TUAW have beat me to it and done a much better job than I could have. After the Jump check out the 2 Different postings from TUAW on the app.

More Meaningful Icons!

Today while i was searching the net for more tips and tricks i cam across this time at "A New Mac Tip Every Day". It tells us how to change the default icon on a file to make the icon better represent the content. The blogger tels us how to do it in word but the process is the same in any application. After the jump i have copied the text from the blog. If you want to ready the story and the comments then use this link to More Meaningful icons.

Apple profiles [email protected] for small businesses

I was looking around a TUAW.com today and came across this article from apple they linked to. I describes how iWork is used in a work setting. Go figure Apple wants us to use iWork at work.

12 Tips for Mac OS X Address Book

The Mac OS X Address Book has loads of features that are often overlooked by most users. Here are a few tips to save you time and let you make the most of Address Book. Includes how to share your contacts, search for attachments they sent you, merge duplicate entries, and automatically put contacts' sites in your Safari Bookmarks Bar.

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