100 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Creating Symbols

UsingMac.com has put together a real nice cheat sheet for inserting symbols into your text documents.

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  1. Mike

    That list made one small error. Option-s does not produce the Greek letter beta. It produces the German letter eszet (pronounced ESS-tset). This letter represents the sound s as in supper, but unlike the sequence ‘ss’, the preceding vowel is long (unless it is a diphthong). The reason for it is that if a plain s were used, it would be pronounced like a z before a vowel. Contrary to popular belief, the recent spelling reform in Germany did not eliminate this letter, it just reduced its usage and made it more consistent.

  2. Mike

    And may I add that it is possible to create new keyboard commands, incl. those that insert a single character or a string of characters by creating ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict. I have used this for IPA symbols and other special symbols, such as star, ergo, alpha, check mark, x mark, superscripts, subscripts, special arrows, and inch and feet marks (the right way).

  3. frances


    Very helpful and interesting – have yet to see if i can create my own short cuts,



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